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Beach House of Charlie Harper from TAAHM

By nikneuk
This is the Malibu Beach house of Charlie Harper (not the makeover made by Walden Schmidt) from the show “Two & a Half men”.
Some sets have changed throughout the different seasons and this floorplan is a mixture of various of them.
This is a hand drawed plan, in scale, coloured with colour pencils and with full details of furniture, fabric, timbers and complements…
The design is made according with the “real” apartment respecting the spaces, proportions, furniture and objets presents in the studio set.
If you want to buy an original drawing, especially handmade for you, contact me at or visit my ETSY store:…
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Dear nikneuk, I love the floor plan, however could you please provide a specific dimension(s) to something such as a room, garage, doorway, wall, stairway, bed, or something else to help give a scale in meters, Thank you for your time

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It's easy to find a clue in the beds.

The depth of each bed is 2 meters so the half of the depth is 1 meter.

You can use that 1 meter as reference or even print and make a little ruler metric ruler with a cardboard.


Also, the trellis seen in Season 2, Episode 24, "Does This Smell Funny to You?," does not preclude a balcony on the rear of the house outside of Charlie's second floor room. The trellis shown is on the right hand side of the left hand wing of the house, just to the left of the rear facing window on the stair landing. The balcony as shown in your drawings outside of the side of Charlie's room could easily wrap around to the rear of the house and would not conflict with the trellis climbing scene.
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Another interpretation on your part.
You have deduced too many things in this scene.
I don't; I just draw what I see.
That's why I drew a dressing room next to Charlie's bedroom with a small window and an ivy covered trellis (next to the barbecue on the terrace) through which his lover descends.
I can imagine perfectly his lover passing from Charlie's bedroom to this WIC and descending the trellis.
So my drawing fits perfectly with that scene.
So there is not mistake or contradiction.
And the position in the drawing is correct, both in the grond floorplan and in the upper floorplan.
The rest of your opinion are only assumptions that are not supported by anything seen on the screen.
I don't invent anything.
Nor am I responsible for designing the sets or the mistakes they make,
I just draw what I see.
I love your drawing, but I have a correction.  The garage is not attached to the house.  In Season 2, Episode 22, "That Old Hose Bag is My Mother," you can clearly see the outside separation between the garage and the house while the man door to the garage is standing open while Alan is showing Charlie his new Porsche.  
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I disagree
My garage is based precisely on that episode.
In that episode you don't see (as you say) that "you can clearly see the outside separation between the garage and the house".
Obviously is not a real house, it was a set built in a studio and they solves the background with walls and, in this case, with a ivy covered wall.
And that is exactly what I have drawn.
If you turn the drawing or your head and you put yourself in the same position as the camera, you will see that in the background I have drawn that same wall covered with ivy.
In my drawing between the garage and the house I have drawn an open space, a kind of patio, which perfectly matches what is seen on the screen.
So in my drawing the garage is not exactly attached to the house but also not separated.
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Thank you for drawing an outlay of Charlie's house!!! I have always been curious since I still like watching reruns of TAAHM (only when Charlie appeared). Walden is a great character, but he's just not Charlie. Also, I don't think this show captured all aspects of this house, such as some doors are usually never been opened before or we, the audience, can't see it.
Your job it is so wonderful
Do you have the measures? Send me please?
If you want a challenge that's not quite a house there's the SGC from Stargate or Atlantis from SG:A, that should keep you occupied.

Anyway, great work, I might try my hands at making this from your schematic in like the sims or something. I always make boring squares in it, this looks fun and playful.
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I just love your floor plans (especially the t&ahm beach house) I was wondering how you do it, if you have tutorials, and if you'd do the Walden Schmidt edition?
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I'm glad you like my drawings.
I don't have tutorials and I just use my skills and experience as interior designer to make these drawings.
I developed my sense of space and I use some tricks and systems to obtain the measurements.
The rest is only a matter of observation.
I don't make a "Walden Schmidt Edition" to be uploaded but one customer who ordered a handrawn floorplan through my store in ETSY (the website where I sell handmade originals) requested a furnishing according with the last seasons.
Best regards.
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I'm glad that you do something you love and are good at. You're really talented.
PS. You need to watch stacked and 3rd rock from the sun, both very good series. Stacked was cancelled after only like 1 season, and 3rd rock went for 5.
Hello, pardon my English, not a native. Congratulations with this amazing work.
Can I make an input? In an episode we see Walden showing Jenny Charlie's room. They look out the window and Jenny says that there must be the place where Charlie would stay admiring the ocean.
Well, acording to your plan Charlie's room window, would face the oposite side, not the ocean. In my opinion you are right, according to the series. On the other end, it would be normal for the master bedroom of a beach house to have a window facing the ocean. But... in order to be so, and acording to the series plot it doesn't make sense -  Charlie's room door is located on the left of his bed; if the window in front of the bed would face the ocean, the door would be located on nonsense place: climbing the stairs, make a full turn of the Wall (????).
Just a thought ;-)
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Pardon my English too, not a native (Eu sou da Espanha).
Yes, you are right.
All the series are filled with this kind of mistakes and contradictions.
In fact Charlie´s bedroom has two balconies, one in front of the bed (a fake "fourth wall" usually inexistent to allow the audience see the actors playing their scenes) and other one at one side.
In fact I added a walk in closet to the right of Charlie's bedroom with a small window over the main terrace of the grond floor to give sense to a scene in which a Charlie's lover escapes descending by a lattice.
Without the scene it would be easy to turn 180º all the bedroom to place the bedroom's main terrace facing the beach and just above the terrace of the ground floor.
I only would have needed to modify the upstair's hallway but, with this modification the scene of the girl descending by the lattice would be imposible.
Hola (eu sou de Portugal).
Yes, I agree. But turning Charlie's room 180º and keep the room entrance door on the left of the bed, would mean one, coming up the stairs, would have to contour almost completly the room walls to get to the room entrance door, not very logic. :-)
The only thing that it's wrong (in my opinion) is that all the bedrooms have bathrooms. There's an episode, when Berta sleeps in the house, and, as Alan says that she could take Jake's room, she asks for his, saying that it's better if she has a "bedroom with a private crapper". So, based on this, Jake's room doesn't have a bathroom (Sorry about my english, btw).
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In many episodes you can see Charlie´s bathroom (in yellow) and also Alan's bathroom (in green turquoise).
But in the episode "Woo-Hoo, a Hernia Exam!" (2nd season. Ep. 17) you can see a third bathroom in yellow and blue.
In this pisode 
Berta is fed up with Jake's inability to use the bathroom properly, and gives him a day of cleaning.
Although not specified where this bathroom is locaated due the text lines is assumed that this is the Jake's personal bathroom.
I don't know if this is a mistake of the screenwriters (all the series are fullfilled with contradictions of this kind) but I decided to place that bathroom inside Jake's bedroom.
In theory Alan's bedroom was formerly a study or office (remember, there is a sofa bed so there was not a bedroom) and Jake's bedroom was a proper bedroom or a guest bedroom so it's logic the existence of an ensuite bathroom in Jake's bedroom. 
Also I drawed a powder room behind the stairs that which it has never seen throughout the series.
Hey, thank you for this good job! Some Questions: 
    1. Did you have this layout with captions (in metres)?
    2. And did you have some 3D Pictures of this house? 

Thanks for your work!
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I'm glad you like my drawings.
And answering your questions:
   1. I make this plans in scale but without writing their measures because the result would be too... complex and confusing. I haven't oriented these drawing to architects and people with a technical background and capable to read technical layouts. I've done make them intuitive and friendly, specially for fans of the TV series and movies.
   2. These drawings are completely handmade in paper so I don't I have 3D designs of my drawings. But if you do a search on Google you will find people who have used my drawings to build 3D models with software as Google Sketch-Up or simulation programs like The Sims.
Best regards and Happy New Year.
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I can't remember the office at Jake's room. I suppose you invented that part, but still great. Also the room next to the garage I don't know. And what's that small room behind the guest toilette close to the stairway?
However, you've done a great work. Are you Architect?
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