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Never really thought of using the features of ... to submit my work and stuff until now.

A little about me, for your reading pleasure.

I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I'm into my third year or about that now..I recently had to leave San Francisco (in late 2007 til August 2008) as I had to go back to my home Singapore to serve in the Singapore Army. Not gonna talk bout my army experience now..but it wasn't bad and wasn't good either.

I am a quiet guy, i guess..more introvert sorts. But i usually get louder n more 'myself' once i start becoming comfortable with the people around me (which takes a really long time, maybe like over 2 weeks, seriously). I'm not the best at a first impression..and i'm trying to work on that :]
I'm funny, very relaxed, enjoy relaxing (too much!), sitting back and watching a movie or just immersing myself in my music. =)

I'm living life as a bachelor I could say, with my own nice quiet apartment, working late into the night with my last minute homework.

Please check out my website too. I've had so many "my website" since high school, from full Flash-sites to plain html 'about me' sites I built and personal's constantly changing! My website alone is a working piece of art ;D
How often I get to update it depends on the time i have to do it..

my website:
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Submitted on
October 22, 2008