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I just released my latest shortfilm on vimeo, check it out!

I'll be uploading it to Deviantart as soon as possible..
Hey there!

I've now uploaded a film that i worked on during 2009-2011. It is called IN BETWEEN (Någonstans där emellan).

check it out:…

watch it in Hd at vimeo:

Long time since I updated this page, but here's some new things that's been made over the years...

I've uploaded 3 new films of various length and form.

One called O Holy Night (O Helga Natt), a drama about a lonely old man and a nurse on cristmas eve.

the second one is a short musical about a guy that loves life, It's called Musigalen.

and the third one is a video art by the name Agony.

check them out in my gallery! :)

you can find them in better quality on my new homepage:

take care!
My latest film O Helga Natt, made during 2009 is now online and is competing in an online competition held by Göteborgs International Filmfestival.

Please do check it out and cast a vote :) I need your help! :)

you'll find it here:…

take care
I'm working on a new film, check out some images and so here:…

I'll be updating it frequently with new images along the production.

Hey just wanted to let you know of my singer/songwriter project called "Wesley Had a Whale"

check it out here:…

listen, add me, comment and so

hope you like my music!

Hey everyone!
Last week was an eventful one, I filmed my new shortfilm.
I've uploaded pictures from behind the scenes on my homepage, go check it out!…

Take care!
Here's my latest musicvideo!

and don't forget to check out my homepage ;)

ps. I have a new shortfilm in production ;)
Hey I've quite recently uploaded my first musicvideo, make sure to check it out!…

take care

My homepage is now in english, which means that everyone can understand it now ;)

check it out!
I just recently finished subtitling one of my films. I tried to upload it here, but it was 2 minutes too long :/ So...

Instead I'll link to it on myspace...…

It's called Disdain Me and is about a boy and a girl on a date in the park and the insecurity between them.

I hope you'll like it!