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Miraculous Adventures: Astutus




Eleanore Chapuis






May 27






120 lbs.




Student/Part time cashier







     Eleanore’s miraculous is an earring which she wears on her left ear. Once transformed, black stripes appear on her originally white earring. Each stripe represents one minute, therefore indicating the number of minutes she has left.


    Night Vision: Ringtails are nocturnal, and like a ringtail, she is able to see at night.

    Good sense of smell

    Good Hearing: She is able to rotate her ears independently (meaning one ear can point forward, while another can point backwards), which is one of the ringtails’ abilities.

    Skilled Climber: Like a ringtail, Eleanore is agile in trees and among rocks, and is able to make vertical descents headfirst.


    Skill Theft: The ability to steal a living thing’s ability provided that she has seen the person/animal perform the ability before and that she knows the name of the person or animal. Eleanore is only able to steal one ability before she has 5 minutes before detransformation. During this time, she is not able to switch to another ability. When stealing an ability, her target does not lose his/her/their ability. Eleanore is unable to steal an ability from a villain or an akumatized person.


    Fanny pack:The fanny pack has the ability to store a large capacity of items (space inside the fanny pack is unrestricted). However, the fanny pack can only store items smaller than the fanny pack (since what goes in should be also able to come out). As long as Eleanore is transformed, she is able to keep the items in her fanny pack. Once detransformed, the items that she has placed inside the fanny pack will return to where they were originally found.

    Eleanore is able to detach and reattach the fanny pack. She can also use the pack as defense by swinging it to form a shield, and also use it as offense by hitting with it. The fanny pack is also capable of extending the belt to use as a rope.

     On the belt of the fanny pack, there is a small area which serves as an audio communicator.


    In general, Eleanore enjoys keeps her distance away from others. Despite being quite popular among her classmates, she is usually a solitary individual, preferring to hide in the nooks and crannies of a library or in her own room rather than going out for social interactions.

    Eleanore has a general curiosity for everything she sees. She enjoys inspecting and examining items and concepts, resulting in her being a rather intelligent individual. Being modest, Eleanore wouldn’t admit to being intelligent. However, when complimented, Eleanore tends to get very egotistical, which results in her becoming overconfident and reckless in her actions.

    Seemingly the “perfect” individual, Eleanore can surprise people with her attitude when in a bad mood. When provoked, she is aggressive, snapping retorts and stringing up colourful foul mouthed sentences.

    When transformed, Eleanore carries herself under a facade of confidence. However, when put under pressure, she tends to get anxious and worried about whether her actions are truly right.

    Being a ringtail, many civilians have mistaken her for a raccoon which has led some civilians to the assumption that she is a “thief” (since her miraculous ability does include stealing), which, as a result, has sometimes made her a sacrificial lamb to place blame on whenever something bad happens. While there are numerous civilians out there who support her (and greatly outnumber the anti-supporters), Eleanore takes the anti-supporters as a grain of salt to remind herself that she has to prove to the city that she is worthy of being a hero.


    Eleanore is the only child in her family. Her mother works as an accountant while her father is an engineer consultant. Due to her parent’s occupations, she is able to live  a well-off life. However, her parents value good grades, which has, as a result, become a large factor which determines her freedom.

    Her family originates back to Paris. Although Eleanore has lived in Paris all her life, she has been told that her ancestors has moved to Strasbourg for a while before moving back to Paris.









✖group projects

✖bitter stuff

✖rude customers





❥Sarcastic     ❥Annoying     ❥Caring     ❥ Lighthearted

    Jenn loves junk food. Lots of it. Because of her ridiculous junk food demands, Eleanore has spent a large majority of her earnings on junk food (specifically, chocolate and potato chips). At first, Eleanore would buy them frequently and store her stash in the kitchen cupboard. However, when her ridiculous amount of junk food caught the attention of her parents, she resorted to buying them secretly and stores her stash under her bed. Like a ringtail, Jenn is also able to eat insects and fruits (she prefers junk food a lot more though).

    Although Jenn is a kwami, she has ringtail tendencies and prefers to stay up all night. The sudden decrease in noise at night with nothing to do but to stay in Eleanore’s room often leaves her very bored. As a pasttime, she hides items she knows Eleanore will need in the morning. Her restlessness has also sometimes led to her waking Eleanore up. Now, Eleanore lets Jenn sneak in and out at night to avoid being woken up.

    Despite her bothering Eleanore, Jenn proves to be caring and in the end, offers to return Eleanore her items in return for junk food.


    As part of her employee benefits working as a cashier, her supervisor had decided to host a raffle for the employees. Since she works at a jewelry store, the prize was an earring which had, for some reason, come as only one (instead of a pair). By chance, she had won the earring, and once she put it on, Jenn appeared. Through Jenn, she had also learned that there was only one earring and not a pair.


Margaux Lacour (chihaki)

((wrote it with chihaki so the descrip will be the same))

    Their first interactions were as civilians, since they go to the same school. As civilians, they both hated each other because Margaux had made their first conversation awkward and was rude by accident. In response, Eleanore began to ignore her whenever she tried to start up a conversation. As superheros, however, they met when Margaux, in her superhero form, was fighting an akuma. She fell off a high building and didn't have a fast enough reaction time, but Astutus (Eleanore's transformed version) saved her. After the fight was over, they became partners and Margaux slowly developed a crush on Astutus. Much later, however, they learned each other's civilian identities. After finishing a fight with one akuma, another one came and they were about to detransform. The akuma was a boy who, naively, had wanted to help the police and was rejected. The two had ended up in a flower shop from their previous fight and were then trapped when the akuma created prison bars to surround the shop. They both detransformed a few seconds later. They were shocked, but they still had to fight the akuma. There were edible flowers in the shop, so Queen ate them and Margaux was able to transform again. She used her weapon to grab the akuma's key and freed both of them. It was extremely hard for Margaux to understand that she had a crush on Astutus but hated Eleanore. Eventually, though, they made peace and became close as civilians, which blurred the lines between the relationships of their alter-egos.




Josephine Chapuis, mother, 46

Marc Chapuis, father, 48

Alain Chapuis, grandmother, 73

Aldrich Chapuis, grandfather, 72

Gustave Chapuis, uncle, 33


Margaux Lacour



Margaux Lacour (formerly, not anymore)





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