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Crystal Armor Queen Serenity

Did this for fun while I was taking a break from drawing avi art for ppl on

I was thinking about the Sailor Moon manga these past few days and came up with this outfit in the style of the new anime.
Makes you wonder what Queen Serenity's fuku would look like if she had one, also I just realized I made her pinky too short. *blush*

P.S. I gave her white hair even though in the new series they gave her light blonde hair. Just felt like it. laughing 
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I know I haven't commented on this yet, but my goodness! This is just so freaking cool! Queen Serenity is one of my favourite characters in SM and to see your take on what her fuku would look like? It's just mind blowing!! She looks 'bad ass' but at the same time, she still has that 'regal' beauty to her, ya know?

I wanted to ask if it's alright for me to use the design in a couple of my own Sailor Moon pictures? I would of course give you full credit for the design, but if you'd rather not, then that's fine too!