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Does any one else see this!?! I never saw the CBS logo as an eye until i was a teenager.. I think this is why...
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What a brilliant idea..Love it and nice work..
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CBS Will be pissed about this the CBS Eye and CBS disliked this :P
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actually this piece now hangs on the wall at CBS Interactive  =D  ..who knew they'd get a kick out of it..
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Oh my god, that's genius. Simply genius.
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My dad showed this to his colleagues at work [He works for CBs] and they got a good laugh outta this XD
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haha, awesome! mission accomplished
Seems totally legit to me. =D
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This is beyond hilarious! :D

It should become an Internet meme!
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Thanks so much everybody! Please comment/share and stay awesome! #vivaPacMan
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just saw this on tumblr and it made my day :)
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I saw this on facebook. Absolutely fantastic!
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Interesting! Now this is going to be stuck in my head all day. :iconpacattackplz:
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You are a presective genius!
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Haha so funny! true story...
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Why did I not see this before? o_o
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Ya know, that makes perfect sense!
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