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Alice vs. ALICE - Catsitting

You know, I honestly have nothing against Disney's Alice. Hell, I own and enjoy the movie. But it's just too much fun to get these two together and watch the violence unfold.

Lil' A is really gonna need some band-aids after this...

Want more Alice vs. ALICE? Check out the archives here: [link]
Alice (c) Disney and Lewis Carroll
ALICE (c) American McGee and EA
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Amo esto XD 💕
Omnifighter1's avatar
Why does ALICE consider that thing her pet?
Omnifighter1's avatar
I love how the hair ribbon reflects her expressions.  Such a cartoon cliche, but I love it! :D
LongHairedLioness's avatar
I cloned up a hybrid creature of American McGee Cheshire cat and ink Demon Bendy
eddfan1998's avatar
American McGee's Alice sort of reminds me of X-23/ Laura Kinney from Logan.
brendan2803's avatar
And that why i love both characters
JadeWinchester's avatar
And that is why I hate cats.....
Zie-LA's avatar
gravdaniel1490's avatar
Last three panels:Oh crap
Sugarhero123's avatar
the cat in the third panel is like 'sup bitch' x3333 and then Lil A is like HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK DXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
miscellanyart's avatar
Wow, it's absoluteltly marvelous!!!
I love mcgee's Alice \(@^O^@)/
Kordesha's avatar
Absolutely could not stop laughing after the " Sweet merciful Carol Lewis!" Statement! Excellent job!
KatyScene's avatar
Pft lol sweet merciful Lewis Carrol.
KasaiViperPit's avatar
..I swear that's the definition of m y c a t
Pigsysticks's avatar
Poor Alice! Welp! This is a very nice comic, good job ^^
Miko-The-Fox's avatar
Oh boy. o-o

(and I thought my own MOM was a helluva living creature.)
granddragoonknight's avatar
cherise leave alice alone
Dinahmite64's avatar
OMG The 3rd panel and onwards actually sent shivers down my spine. xD
spid3rshark's avatar
heres a riddle"
"whats red and blue which thought of a mistake?"
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