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Pikachu Hat Tutorial

This took me a while to finish... Please, leave some love for me! T__T

I made this for ~T-Pen, who so kindly supports me! Thank you!!

Thanks to my brother for lending me his lappytop.
Thanks to Nintendo for making Pokemon.
Thanks to my new and old supporters out there! ^__^

Here is Clearkid's tutorial on how to make a hat. She is my hat-making hero, and you all really should check out her gallery right away!
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how would you suggest a variant with like say........rabbit ears? or long arms with claws? like one of these?…
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Not the person who originally made this tutorial, but the rabbit ears would probably work like these -… - basically, you'd want to sew together two and two hat triangles (assuming you'd be using clearkid's hat pattern and tutorial), then sew those two parts together with the end of the ears in between them. If you want them to be large and floppy like in the picture you added, you might want to not stuff the ears - in fact, you might just be fine with cutting the ear shape out of fleece, adding the inside of the ear (through whip stitching), or if you want a large inside of the ear, make them like the ears shown in these tutorials but leave out the stuffing.
Alternatively, you could use this… as a visual reference - the ears are somehow sewn between the triangles and the bottom band of the hat. I can't exactly tell you how - I'd need to see the inside of it - but I think the end of the ear might just be sewn between the two halves of the bottom band. Not quite sure.
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! :D
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can u use felt to make the hat itself? because that's the only material i have right now.
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how do you sew on the ears?
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Really late answer and I'm not who made the tutorial - but I believe you just put the ear on top of the hat with the bottom edge against the hat's top seam (they should lean backwards on the hat, like you can see on the last picture), and whip stitch them on.
where can you get the pattern for the hat?
oops :p found it :D
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*.* I love you. Thank you for the tutorial
sooooooooooooo cute!!!
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how did u get the mesurements right? thats my problem... >-<
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Nikkiswimmer from her new account: If you need proper measurements to make the hat base, check out ~Clearkid's tutorial, download her pattern, and print the PDF file at 100%. Her pattern comes with a 1/4'' seam allowance, so keep that in mind! Most heads are 22-23'' in circumference.

For the decorations, you'l just need to practice and experiment with sizes, always keeping in mind that items being sewn on a machine will need to be designed with seam allowance in mind (AKA, make your pattern slightly bigger all around the edges). If you're going to whipstitch something on, a seam allowance might not be as necessary.

If you really want/need a pattern for the pikachu hat, I have one available: [link] I included the length and width of each item to give people a reference for what size things should be. No seam allowance needed. Just download and print at 100%.
This is sooooooooooo useful and so cute. But if i wanna give a mouth, what will it be made of?
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nikkiswimmer here on my other account. If you want to add a mouth, you can choose to either:

1. Applique it on using black silky thread
2. Draw/paint it on
3. Whip-stitch a mouth-shaped piece of felt on
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I used this tutorial ;w; It was really helpfull~
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Nikkiswimmmer on my other account. Looks amazing! ;--; So cute
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omg i am so using this! where can i print out the pattern you used???
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X3 I'm making my friend a pikachu hat!!
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Whooooooo thanks so much for the tutorial <3
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How do you make the hat part?
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I believe I gave credit to ~clearkid for the actual hat making part, but here is the actual link to her tutorial: [link]
Happy sewing!
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