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Have you ever felt like everything you do only makes things worse? Like your completely useless and you being here doesn't even matter?'s one of those days. All I try to do is help, but instead I only make matters worse. I thought it was just stress that made them so upset all the time, but when they are with friends they seem perfectly fine, happy in fact. But when they are with me, they are always mad and yelling at me blaming me for their stress. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. All I want to do is help and make them happy, but instead I only make things worse. So I started to bottle up my feelings, crying by myself, I feel useless, worthless, no muse for art, no energy to do anything but cry, to curl up in a ball and just lay here. I'm sorry for such a depressing rant, I just needed to let it out somewhere...

Underwater Wonder by Incantata Penelope SOLD by KalosysArt:thumb364182020:
:thumb363972370::thumb363695783: Dark Waters by TheDarkRayne

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Thank you my dear :hug: