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My Bio
Hi, I'm Nikki.

I've been drawing as a hobby my entire life, but I'm only just starting to really try/put effort into it, which is why I'm not that great. 8I

Feel free to drop me a line about anything. I like making friends. : D

I make plushies and stuff, too. Those are on my other account: Nikicus

Current Residence: NY
Favourite genre of music: Alternative/90s Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal, Grunge

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alice in Chains
Favourite Games
FFX/X-2, Eternal Sonata, Kingdom Hearts, Persona 3
Other Interests
Video games, Anime/Manga, Music, Sculpting, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sewing, Ball Joint Dolls
So, I've finally started posting my comic online! You can read it here: It'll be updating a page a day(more or less) for a while. :) ...Had to put the "mature content" thing on just in case for violence and gore, etc. It's not actually porn, I promise. >_> Also, I'm moving to another account, as mentioned before. It's forgottencake ( So, if you still want to follow me, I'll be posting all my arts over there now. :D And...I'll be slowly re-watching my friends over there. @_@ It might take me a while. There might be some casualties(including people who haven't posted anything in a long time/whom I haven't he
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Working on...

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...A comic. ...N-no, wait! Hear me out! D: This is one I've been planning for a long while, and I'm not even going to start posting it until I've got the entire first chapter finished. And it's almost done. So I can guarantee that it won't end at 3 pages and that I'm actually serious about it. Also, I've been thinking about moving to a new account...fooor a long while now. Life has been pretty crazy/stupid for a while now, and I need a fresh start. I know it's just an account on an online art community, but... it... it's symbolic, okay? :I I won't be moving any of my old art to that account--I'm just leaving that all here. I might post p
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...In that little thing on the right side of a deviation, where it says "More from ~(deviant)", it often shows really old artwork that the artist/you've scrapped? I don't know about you guys, but I don't want my scraps showing up there. I know I could just delete them, but it's not that I don't want people to be able to see them -at all-, I just don't want them on showcase. They're scrapped for a reason. >:I
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happy birthday!!! :dance:

i hope you a great day! :glomp:
Happy birthday ! ^^ :iconcakeplz: :party:
I hope you a great year 2012 :dance:
Thanks for the fav :star:
: 3
Thank you very much for the fav :heart:
Hey, thanks for the quick fav on my cosplay stuff :)