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October 12, 2008
Wolf Fight by ~nikkiburr is just astonishing in the energetic yet polished technique and the correctness of the anatomy and expression. A superb example of the Animals Gallery.
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Wolf Fight



This is..uh...a "sketch". Meaning, it was *supposed* to be a sketch but evolved into something a little more. I just randomly opened up a wolf book and started drawing the first picture I saw and this was it. It was really just for practice but then I started having fun with it. It's not creative at all, just entirely a copy of a photo, but I enjoyed it and I needed a break from commisisons (the only reason I have a break is just because I don't have all the pictures I need from the client). The photo is from Anne Menatory's The Art of Being a Wolf, which, mind you, has some excellent photos in it. This was just done with a mechanical pencil on 8x10 paper...not quite sure how long it took, but I started it last night and finished it tonight. Maybe 8 hrs estimate? I like their toofers :3
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a sketch ? this is a mesterpiece <3