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Mini Advice Thing- Gap

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Barbie doll nudity for all!! :dummy:

Cross-posting from tumblr. A few people asked for a tutorial on drawing people/poses. I'd feel weird posting and actual tutorial telling people how to draw humans since I still make a lot of mistakes (I feel weird just posting this), but I figured if I post a tutorial covering anything, it should be a topic I'm sure of. So, this isn't an in-depth walkthrough on gestures or poses, but it's something, right? It's more like an FYI than a tutorial.

To be honest, the few times I've seen this gap in real life were on Gravure idols and Asian popstars, but those girls don't represent the vast majority of Asian women. So, yeah, not every chick has that gap between their legs, and even when they do, it's usually not as huge as people make it.
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I don't like the thigh gap. That means they are not [THICC] enough.
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Mind The GAP!
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There's pretty much nothing you can do to get a thigh gap. It has to do with bone structure, how much muscle is there, whether or not your fatty tissue gets stored there during weight gain, hip width and yes, vulva size and shape.
You are all beautiful. People come in all shapes and sizes. You are the only you the world will ever know. Never again. Love.
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SakuraofchaosStudent Digital Artist
I'm trying harder and harder to get one, but my hips aren't wide set. I've heard it's just not easy to get one unless you have wide hips. I've read a few things online saying you can get one if you have narrow hips and a lot saying you can't. Does anyone have one with narrow hips? I've heard you should eat moderate to high protein, moderate fat, low carbs, and reduce sodium, dairy and sugar. I'm trying to do that. I want an ulzzang body but I've got a body like Nicole Richie before she got skinny, or should I say Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lawrence. 
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The-Hanging-CrownHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome! I've seen a lot of artists force a thigh gap into their characters, wanting them to be curvy but without the knowledge of what anatomy a thigh gap is suited to, the slimmer and wide set hips.
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That's true that u don't need to be skinny to have a thigh gap although admittedly it helps extremely because I've got one and I need to lose about 7-8 kg so it is mainly about the hips. This was super helpful
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CelticKawaiiStudent Traditional Artist
I didn't even know what thigh gaps were for a long time, but I still find this helpful. :)
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Dancing-KittenStudent Filmographer
Also! Even if a woman does have a thigh gap, pants can cover it up a lot of the time.
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EmmaItohHobbyist Digital Artist
A 'thigh gap' ends at the knees.

I know it because I have one, and sometimes I wish I don't. Because sometimes it's pretty annoying.
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goninjaStudent General Artist
Really, how so? Most girls I think, now want one.
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eppiepeppercorn Digital Artist
Nice tip.  Also, I love how fluid your drawing style is, and so full of character.  I was browsing through your gallery and I'm very impressed!
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Nikki0417Student General Artist
This reply is so late, but thank you so much!! That comment made my day.
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EvaTehGrapeHobbyist Writer
Might I mention that there are "gaping breezeways", no gaps, and everywhere in between? It all depends on what body type the lady you're drawing has.

I appreciate the implication that any set of thighs can be "hot". :) Something I think a lot of people don't get is that anime has its own standards of conventional attractiveness, just like Western live media, and unrealistically large thigh gaps is a part of those standards; I see this most in anime/manga and art styles that use their conventions.
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Thanks for the info.
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I will never be able to get one of these. I have wide-set hips, I am pretty slim, but I do too much sport to be able to get one of these. People usuall think that I'm fat, but I'm actually just muscular.
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i have really wide hips and am thin so i have a significant thigh gap??? a lot of people dont like me for it yo.
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TheViciousViperHobbyist General Artist
I'm currently working on getting one. I've got wide hips, and want to lose about 25 lbs anyways. uvu
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LightOfTheStrayStudent General Artist
Actually, it's pretty great that you put up this "mini advice thing". In a complete reversal, I realized not all of my girl characters have this "gap", which is now something to add to the repertoire in terms of changing up body types (maybe it's because I draw my girls with a little bit more fat and muscle to them). Still, it's great advice--something everyone should keep in mind.
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SaskiaDeKorteProfessional General Artist
Hahaha what's with this Gap everybody's talking about? I've never seen this in real life...
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pico-the-greatHobbyist General Artist
Thanks massively for this - I never draw the gap, and couldn't have one if I tried - I lift too much. I know some people do, but I so rarely see it in life that it irritates me to no end how prevalent it is on "hot bodies" in nowadays art. Blugh.
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HbombaStudent Digital Artist
I always draw it...
My excuse is that humans were genetically altered, and this was one of the alterations that was dominant.
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HelloVituHobbyist General Artist
I have thigh gap without even trying. But I mean, I guess it's not natural. Go figure.
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It is natural! It's just also natural to not have one. Basically...there's lots of different body shapes, and that's totally OK!
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invisabellaStudent Digital Artist
do thigh gaps even exist in real life?
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