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On White Day
It was dusk, the sunset filtered across the room. Well, it struggled as most of the windows had been boarded up and covered as much as possible. Their humble, boring old school was dusty and dull, tension stifling the air. He sat on her desk, running his fingers around the sides with an absent mind.
She didn’t give him anything, so it was okay for him not to give her something in return, right? But that hurt him too. If things had been normal, if she hadn’t had left... Where would they be now? When she returned, briefly, for that one moment, had their feelings reached each other? Maybe that was just his wishful, desperate thinking...
She had always thought positively, always thinking forward, always determined.
But maybe, with everything that had happened, maybe next year... Maybe next year... No. He didn’t support her after all. How pathetic.
But maybe they were in synch. Maybe he wasn’t so wrong, so shameless. Maybe, next year, things will go better.
What a jo
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Valentine's Day, Sou-chan Style
They were young girls, celebrities, models, idols, warriors. They were AKB0048. They were known galaxy wide and not much escaped their fans notice. Valentine’s Day didn’t mean much for them in the traditional sense. If they weren’t liberating a planet, they were performing on their home stage - or they were in a photo shoot, or modeling, or promoting, or practicing, or blogging, or at a handshake event or getting some well deserved rest. The no-dating rule was in place and what else could they give their fans that they hadn’t already given?
But that was okay - she didn’t need a boy to give chocolates to. She had the rest of her life ahead of her, boys and love could wait. For now, she had her team. All of the understudies; Kanata and all of her adorableness; all of the successors; all of the senbatsu; Yuuko and her supporting rivalry; Tomochin and her friendship; Mariko-sama and her guidance; Acchan and her legacy.
No matter how their dynamics changed, it
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Help Wanted: Chp5-7
Chapter Five: Nesting Bird
"I'm sorry, Sasuke."
"I'm so sure."
"Honestly, I-"
"I don't care, Itachi. Just leave me alone. I'll talk to you when I feel like it."
His brother sighed and backed out of the room, closing it with a quiet click. He had done this every day for the last five days, sometimes more if he was feeling ambitious (or perhaps it was desperation). Every time it was the same four lines. Maybe it was petty of him to ignore his brother. Itachi wasn't a fighter, he tried to use logic and appeal to people's common sense and morals to get things to go his way. He tried to see both sides of every argument, whereas he himself preferred to get his point across in a blazing ball of emotion (it honestly wasn't his preferred way; rather, it was because he kept everything to himself, bottled up for far too long and in the end, things just exploded and he had no control over it - but that seemed like a bit of a cop out too, didn't it?).
But he still couldn't ignore the fact
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Help Wanted: Chp 2-4
Chapter Two: The Devil Wears Prada
"You're a real piece of work, aren't you kid?"
"I have no idea what you're talking about." Suigetsu snorted, not even trying to tiptoe around the brat anymore like he had for the first few days. "That's not a very polite way of talking to your boss either." Sasuke had smirked; he wanted Suigetsu out but so soon would be suspicious; additionally, the other did know what he was up to, so it was best just to sit and wait things out for a bit. It definitely wouldn't be for too long; he liked his freedom far too much for that.
It wasn't that he didn't like the man (he was barely a man, only having recently turned twenty; he was still in the phase of 'hitting up' clubs whenever he could - Sasuke put the new phrase away for future reference, as he did for most of the words Suigetsu came out with). Suigetsu was honestly the best guard he had ever had. Most were old boring guys who were strict, hoping to get somewhere further. Most tried to bully him
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Cougar Bait - Chp 4 and 5
Dinner had been... An interesting affair. Between the food somehow melting into an indescribable mess, Reira had fell on her face not two seconds after entering the apartment. Yamato tried to keep the discussion away from topics that Takeru was likely to pass along (either because they interested him or in some kind of attempt to blackmail his brother). Unfortunately, that didn't go too well, leading to less kinda words than the original discussion would have given.
All in all, however, the night was a success. Reira of course was naturally cute and charming not to mention rich, successful and talented. They shared the same hobbies and goals, so there was really nothing his parents could fault her on. Despite the fact dinner had gone well, the fact that their distance was going to be long distance had weighed heavily on the evening, even though it had never been brought up directly.
"What do you expect? I bet he's with a different girl when you're not around."
"Shut up Takumi!"
"Hey no
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Cougar Bait - Chp 2 and 3
"It's in your blood."
"What is?"
"Being cougar bait." Amidst Takeru snorting his drink out of his nose in hysteric laughter and his brother's "I AM NOT COUGAR BAIT!" their uncle continued to explain that their mother was a cougar and his father had fallen prey to her womanly wiles. Needless to say, Natsuko heard and their repenting uncle was forced to do the dishes before he could tend to the wound she'd inflicted him with.
"Wanna go to the zoo?"
"You hate the zoo."
"They have red pandas!" Miyako agreed with how cute they were and, seeing Hikari's enthusiasm, Takeru and Daisuke instantly offered to take the brunette to see the fluffy creatures.
"I was actually kinda more interested in the cougars..."
It goes without saying that Taichi showed up to soccer practice the next day with a black eye. While his coach ragged him for not showing proper behaviour and to be more respectful (without even hearing the brunette's story) and made him do extra training, Taichi knew it was an awesome
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Mahou Bouken - 5 - Knowledge
"I seriously can't believe you got detention on your first day!"
"Shut up, Yamato! It's not my fault that witch doesn't understand that soccer is the best game ever!"
"Quidditch is our sport and she is the Quidditch referee as well as the flying teaching, so you really should of thought of that one earlier..."
Ignoring his friend's annoyed bah!, the two continued towards the Great Hall. While they were on the train yesterday, Yamato had told them to all get some food at lunch and they'd go outside to have a picnic. Mimi and Miyako had said it'd should be a weekly thing but the blonde had shot down that idea - anyone doing Potions or Transfiguration (and he listed basically every other subject Hogwarts taught) would be drowning in homework by the end of the first week. Koushirou said otherwise but Yamato said he was talking about people with average intelligence, to which everyone had a giggle.
After grabbing some food and stuffing more in their pockets (Taichi's mouth was already full
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Promise - Chp 3 - Leaving
"...Are you serious?"
"...Yeah... I know it's fast and you probably don't want to hear this right now, but I stuffed up, Yamato."
Stuffed up was putting it lightly. It was late at night, a few days after her graduation. She still hadn't decided on university or her band and hadn't managed to find a compromise between the two. Right now, her mother was on a business trip somewhere and Takeru was at Daisuke's.
It was just her and Taichi. They were in her room, on her bed. She was lying on his chest, his arm around her. Moments ago, it had been clingy, like he hadn't wanted to let go. Now it was loose, like it was saying it would be there when she needed comfort. Her hand grasped the sheets in a fist. Stuffed up. She truly was just a mistake, wasn't she? A mistake to her mother and father, a mistake to be given the crest of friendship, a mistake to Taichi...
What had gone wrong? When he'd come over, they'd been fine; she'd felt better than she had in a long time. Taichi had always been ma
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Promise - Chap2 - Words
"Look! Isn't that Ishida?"
"Did you hear what happened to her dad?"
"Nu-huh. What's happening? Why the hell is he a chick now?"
"I'd tap that."
"They say it was the Yakuza..."
"What! Really? That's so scandalous!"
"I always thought she was weird..."
Those whispers and more followed her from the minute she left her house. It seemed every time she turned a corner there were more and more of her classmates waiting. It was illogical, she knew that, but she couldn't help but feeling it was almost like they'd bugged her house to find out when she'd return and had staked out the route she'd take, waiting for the moment where their almost too loud whispers would travel to her ears. When she managed to reach school (in record time - it seemed that with every whisper, her feet would move just a little bit faster until the blonde ended up in an all out sprint) there was no point in whispering. Everyone already knew about the tragedy and her classmates all knew she couldn't possibly fight them or
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Mune no Melody - 4
Afternoon rays swept across his bedroom floor and the soft sounds of a guitar being strummed echoed through the almost empty apartment. All day he'd been absorbed in writing this song and he felt he was almost done. It was rare that he found he wrote a 'perfect' song, but when he did, he never showed them to anyone. They were the pieces he kept secret, containing messages, meanings and emotions far too personal or raw to have to explain their meaning in proper words to others.
Things hadn't changed since his talk with Mimi. He'd rehearsed a few lines, wondering how he could phrase things to Hikari without scaring her off, ways to convince her to keep it a secret, that it wouldn't be bad at all. Every time he did though he just felt like a rock had sunk to the pit of his stomach and he abandoned the idea all together.
As such, life continued on. As a group, the Chosen went to the zoo and he walked with Hikari for a bit. For various reasons, he'd been close to the brunette for so long an
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AKB0048 Drabbles
Time seemed to go ever so slowly. He remembered how it used to be, back on Earth. They had cars and shopping malls and entertainment. That word always made him choke. Wasn't enough that they'd lost their home planet without making them lose the things that made them happy? Who the hell did DES think they were, enslaving them to a dull and monotonous life, full of misery and commands? He waited for the day when they would all be free.
On his death bed, he heard it. AKB0048 - we'll outstrip the stars to come see you! It was too late for him, but perhaps, one day, the future wouldn't be so bleak. Smiling, he was gone.  
She didn't understand DES. What could make people fight they way they did? They attacked everyone without mercy or hesitation, as long as they suspected they were doing the wrong thing. But why was entertainment so wrong? Why didn't DES's members understand how entertainment could bring people together, for the right reasons, unlik
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Help Wanted: Chapter One - The Job
Naruto fanfic. Summary: Self-centered Suigetsu is hired by the Uchiha family as the body guard of their youngest child, Sasuke who is in show business and has an ego the size of Jupiter. "Help Wanted" - more like psychiatrist wanted!
"You've had more than you can handle, brat."
"Shove it Kisame."
The older man snorted, trying to fit his too-large frame on the too-small stools comfortably. Giving up and barking an order at the izakaya's owner, he turned back to his barely younger companion, starting a conversation that he really couldn't care less about.
"Your brother says you're in a bit of shit."
"Mangetsu doesn't know anything."
"Except for the fact you're being evicted from your apartment in the next week because you refuse to sit still at a job?" He didn't get a real answer, just some disgruntled mutterings that existed to show the younger's displeasure and the truth in Kisame's words. "You need to get it together. Either get a job and stick with it and behave like the adult yo
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Happily Ever After
The first day of the school year was never something he enjoyed (nor something that ever went well for him). Apart from having to study again (not that was a problem; he and Itachi were renowned geniuses, after all, it was more the lack of time he had to do whatever he wanted with), it was having to socialise (especially since either some of his grades counted for team work or he was sent to the counsellor's office for 'having issues' if he tried to be alone) and to deal with the stupidity of girls (and some guys) when they gushed how much they loved him when they'd barely said two sentences too him. It was annoying and tedious and it was the signal that a whole new year of having to deal with everything he hated was beginning.
Sighing, he mumbled a farewell to his mother, threw his bag in the basket on his bike and rode off, hoping he could prolong his doom. His iPod was on, not any louder than it should be riding along a road and he idly hoped he didn't have mathematics first up. Usu
:iconnikki-kuznetsov:Nikki-Kuznetsov 5 13
Silent Cinderella - Chapter 4
Luck was a very fickle thing. For Cinderella's step sisters, it came in the form of a ball. This was their chance to leave their mother (and the other sister) behind, waltzing towards a life of even greater riches, respect and recognition; a life as a princess! What more could anyone else ever want? Had it not been for the Fairy Godmother, one of them probably would have succeeded in having their dream become reality.
In reality, however, things are never as easy of a wave of a wand and the right pair of shoes. Fairy Godmothers do not exist and more often that not, nice guys finish last. It's a gritty race to the top, with most people unable to make it. So to get to the top, do we have to be relentless with what we want, or is it actually possible for the nice guy to win through hard work and dedication alone?
The day was bright and sunny and the new KaibaLand was filled with hundreds of families enjoying themselves. Momo was here with her own family, though she'd ditched them long
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Promise - 1: Rain
The rain continued to pour down outside, but she stood still in the cold hallway. Soaked to the skin, she had run all the way from school yet it seemed like all the adrenaline from the rush had deserted her. Her clothes were dripping wet -the doctor had wasted time by offering her a towel and a seat, but she'd refused - so the blonde couldn't help but shiver.  The doctor kept talking to her, professional and attempting not to let his tiredness make him callous in his handling of her. Who cared what he said now? It was over. Her father was dead. Her precious father. What was she going to do now? The doctor's words mumbled and became nonsense. Collapsing in a dead faint, she vaguely thought that hospital floors were hard and cold. Otousan.. You promised you'd never leave me. Why'd you go..?
She woke up in a white room, her mother and brother hurrying to stand over her, asking her how she was, if she wanted a drink and other things that were pointless. Blinking her bl
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Mune no Melody - 3
I knew Tai knew something was up. I could never keep anything from him. The fact that I'm tugging at my hair and pulling at my clothes doesn't help. It was hot but it wasn't hot enough to be fidgeting like I was! Ugh, why'd he have to be so difficult? Like always, he started innocently enough and then said something so out of the blue I was completely thrown off guard! I'm trying to keep my cool and I know it shows. Why'd he have to do this now? Why couldn't he have done this when I was with Sora, rather than pining after his sister?
"Yaaaaaamaaatooooooooo! Tell me already! What type of girl do you like? Tell me, tell me!"
"I just said I didn't know, didn't I?" I couldn't help snapping at him. It's not like I could say "Your sisters pretty fine". I didn't feel like going to school with a black eye and my limbs in plaster because of Taichi's temper.
"You must have some type of idea!"
"Why does it matter? And you don't seem to have a stable type either!"
The brunette starte
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Hi all
I'm selling and/or trading some of my AKB48 photos.…
Feel free to make an offer!

For life, I've started uni again and jesus, getting sorted into a Japanese class was the biggest mess possible. We went to court today to get bad renters out of our house and we will finally be moving in on the 16th of April. I'll be SO happy to have all my stuff back, to have our own kitchen, our own bathroom, having my cat back (she's staying at a friends and keeps bullying the neighbourhood cats haha), and having my own room with a large bed again!

I've been sleeping in the same room as my mum for a while and she mumbles in her sleep. I've had a single bed since June of last year and its killing me! I'm used to flopping around so I keep curling up and I've screwed my back.

I keep getting shitty anons on (99% are nice but then you get dumb morons: someone told me "we obviously watch different series then - if you look at the epilogue, you've obviously got the heights of the characters wrong!". I was writing 10 yrs prior to the epilogue, so thats irrelevant, plus, the characters are roughly the same anyway... Nobody likes someone who nit picks!)

Um, not much else has happened. I'm still writing and drawing and taking photos, but not as much. Plus, I have limited internet so I won't really upload much until I get into my own place. Hopefully, I can squeeze another trip to Japan in this year (to see Tomochin before she graduates) as well as one next year and also a trip to America next year. Hence, working and saving like crazy!

Hope you're all well,
Nikki :heart:


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm just an average otaku (used in the positive sense) who also loves reading and travelling.
I hope to become a family lawyer or psychologist~ I love charities and can be slightly ridiculous when it comes to helping people.
I may be a bit too caring and naive, but I'm a gemini, so be prepared for the 180 flip!!!

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Anything with meaning
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Skin of choice: Mine!
Favourite cartoon character: Yamato Ishida :heart:
Personal Quote: "Nn? Ehhh, no."


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