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go go go!


hey long time no see

now if you're wondering where in the bloody hell i've been, refer to the qna's you might of been thinking of or smth like that (my apologizes if i change my mood while writing this, it's hard when your nose and throat are burning like crazy, y'know?)

q: how comes i haven't heard from you on dA until now?
a: man, i've s l i g h t l y lost my interest going on here that's all

q: what about discord?
a: i'll be completely honest, i don't know
i'm being serious, i honestly do not know. maybe it's because i've slightly lost interest on going there too

q: when are you making your official return to dA and discord?
a: hmm i'll think about that

q: have you lost interest in kisekae, for like, the bagillionth time?
a: not reallly, but like
it's still cool
in a good way
however i'm not interested in it right now, if that makes any sense to you. the same goes to koikatsu since im p lazy to ask the modder for the newest version + reply back to some comments on my koikatsu chara maker tutorial. (actually now that i think about carefully since i can never make up my mind, i might make smth,, after my pc's finished reset and when i retrieve my stuff again)

q: but!! you're one of my inspirations! i love seeing your works from time to time!
a: aaa ik but you're gonna have to gawk over someone else's stuff until 'cause all i've posted for the new year is a daki of a 6"11 man

q: is there anyplace else i can find you?
a: lemme see:
-youtube: my account is d e a d
-snapchat: takes up too much mb on my poor phone -
hangouts: wait that's still a thing right
-twitch: barely active
-tumblr- barely active
-picarto: barely active
-steam: barely active
-facebook + msger: why would you want that

+ other "personal" qs + 

q: why did you leave certain discord servers?
a: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i just didn't feel like being in them anymore

q: are you sure you don't have any issues that led up to disappearing for almost a month?
a: nah fam i'm good

q: will you ever do adopts, ota's, contensts, etc. agai-
ive learned my lesson   i m   n e v e r   d o i n g   t h o s e    t h i n g s   a g a i n

pm me or send me a note if you wanna ask me anymore questionsss Racing Girl Emoji (Desperate to follow) [V5] 


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