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Crappy title is crappy. But this, this is a teaser for the upcoming rpg I'm building, shaped around peoples desires, opinions and adding in things here and there. I'm trying to keep all the lore super basic, with areas anyone can go. Terra Elysian is currently under construction; it will be about in the next few weeks! The little compys aren't being hunted per say here either, at the feet - they're just there to give some kind of size comparison between them. And a little drama... full size is available to download and see all the detail, please do not take this without asking me though!

:bulletpurple::bulletblue: Stock Credits :bulletblue::bulletpurple:
Spinosaurus from Susannehs
Compys from by diveofficer -… and Greg Goebel -…
Background from by Nicholas A Tonelli -…
Manipulation by Nikkayla 2016 and on. Please do not take without permission.

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ma lil baby boy
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this is so amazing and I'm so stoked for Terra Elysian!!!
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Thank yooou! I am too :D I'm doing up subforum stuff now, and then will begin adding lore and trying to think of the rest of the stuff needed.... its getting there :D
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This is amazing.
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My favorite dinosaur. You did such an awesome job on this. I :heart: it :)
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<3 Its one of mine too :D Thank you! :D
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You are most welcome :D
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wow this is awesome!! :D
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is it going to be dinosaurs? or horses with dinosaurs
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Humans & dinosaurs =) But interactive. People can ride them, tame them, etc :D… - see here for a little about what made me do it :|
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When I saw the preview I was like ..... What kind of horse is this... 
But it make sense now xD 

Looks awesome!
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Hehehe, its a pointy horse? :D
<3 Thank you!
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Very pointy horse I think... But I guess he just needs a hug!
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You did a great job manipulating the dinosaur to look more real! I took a look at the stock photo to compare. The mouth is really well done!
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Thank you! I did enjoy it. I want to learn how to draw them now, they're so interesting :D <3!
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This is amazing oh my lord :o
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Thank yoooou! :D <3
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this looks awesome! :D

edit: forget that xD (my previous edit XD)
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Oh I know, but it was a recent discovery and all the stock is of the older version, when it had giant hind legs and little forelimbs. This was one of the few I found that had better forelimbs. I prefer the more recent discovery, its so fascinating how they worked it out :D

Its what I like about the Ark dinosaurs though. They move on 4 limbs but stand and rest on 4 :D
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ic. :D 

I think the Spino design of ark is so cool. They are just really neat dinos. 
I wish it was in a better position right now though. It's kind of screwed since the recent tamed dino nerf. :s no damage no hp.. its "swimming mount" niche can easily be replaced by the x other water dinos x_x Sad life. =/
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