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the poster of the movie was quite interesting and made me wanna draw it., hopeyoulikeit.!:))
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Great job! It’s criminal how little fan-art of this movie there is!
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That's pretty good
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thanks guys for liking it!!:)) it's nice to read your compliments., makes me inspired!!:))
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which movie is it from ?
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This is a wonderful piece of art and form of societal, anthropological point of political stand... Congrats, you're more than wonderful :)
what have you had in your mind while you drew it? Can you please tell me if it is possible? .. Reminds me of many things that are not quite right or great though...
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aCTUAlly, while drawing this.(because i promised a special someone)., all that's in my mind is.,I CAN DO THIS.,I CAN FINISH THIS,.,I WILL.,,because everytime that something goes worng,.even just a little detail, i end up giving up., in fact i got alot of unfinished works here.,and have afew that's finished. hehehhe
and I'm still a beginner in sketching/.//..
hmmmm.. thnks. for liking it!! it's a great encouragement to here or read compliments from people :))
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You're most welcome and thanks for your genuine reply. I think this art piece is more than a sketch, and you're also really good at it. Hope to find more through your work. Great! and brutally truthful :) keep up and hang on to your talent.
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"you're really good at it" heheh.. thanks!!!! :)))
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I just had to like this no questions asked its dark and disturbing!!!!
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it's amazing! :)
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