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Sandviper Class Cruiser - TechSheet



Part of the original story: Der Fall Der Blauen Sonne(working title/GER only, sry)

Original model:…


The heavy cruisers of the Sandviper class are the main working horse of the Ra´an and Sillrag, as well as ther colonys combined fleet. The're designed as a fleet combat battleship, but can also operate on ther own as they possess a powerfull jump engine to cross the vast distances between relevant regions in space.

Its capital size of 395 x 137 x 71 meters grants a powerfull twin-reactor and a massive structure. The lack of energy shields on Ra´an battleships is compensated through structural intigrity fields, what harden the anyway tough physical structure. The massive engines takes a lot of the internal space, but grants a high acceleration to make enemy fire inaccurate and own attack speed fast enough to break through enemy lines and cast deadly fire from its broadside.

Beside some much more specialised ships, the Sandviper-class is the smallest jack-of-all-trades vessel that carrys a jump-engine to skip the great distance to the enemy territories.


The cruiser has a basic crew of 280 Ra´an and its allies, the Silrag, but can also get run for a limited time with a minimum crew of 10. Additional space is for up to 300 marines, 40 in regular operations. Lately supplied with mechanised body armor and dependend heavy weapons to react on increasing boarding drone actions by the enemy.
In emergency, 12(+2 improvised) rescue pods provide a save way to get away from a dieng ship. In general all personal is equiped with space capable suits, but the safety meassures makes it unlikely for a ship to detonate, even it falls dead.

Due to relativly low and isolated automatisation (to harden the ship against A.I. intrusion and sabotage), the crew is highly trained and educated, often in multible aspects. For a estimated short survival time in active combat, the crew isen't up for huge amounts of damage control. In regular, if soemthing is damaged, it'll be shut down or ignored and the crew try to achieve the ships function by bypassing. Still if there is enough time, the good trained and motivated crews can do a lot on a ship, that is build that tough.


As main weapon category, the Ra´an always rely on ther magnetic accelerator cannons, what casts a multible amount of kinetic energy into a target than any laser or nuclear warhead could. The relativly slow projectiles in space warfare are, or should be, compensatet through the line breaking strategy of closest distances.

There is no superfiring position of the main armament for several reasons. One is that it would feature attacks in flight direction, but hinder defense in the rear about 140° angle, which would invite the way more flexible enemy to focus on this achilles heel. Another reason are that magnetic accelerated projectiles are fast in classical terms, but not that much in mobile space combat(and always have to lower its power to achieve the best reaction depending on target mass and hardness, which can artifically be altered). So the main fighting would happen in flight-by or close-in-defense - depending on situation of attack or defender. For this reason, all angles need roughly similar cover and the smalles amount of targets will be directly in front of the ship while it passes. For those capital targets, the 800mm siege cannons are in place, which for its size can't be placed on a turret anyway. Further, in space combat, specially on strategical movement on very high speeds, there are a lot of manouvers that need complete turns to decelerate by the main engine, so a ship can try to always point the nose to the enemy, but it will rarely be secured to have this luxury. If a massing of firepower is needed, it'll be way more obtainable to tip the ships angle a few degrees and free upper, lower or side artillery of 8 to 12 heavy turrets. A last minor point is that a superfiring position would need a V-shaped structure of some kind or loose stability due to higher levering forces, which both would increase material need and attack surface for enemys ahead or heavy debris, and subsequently kinetic stress to the main body if those impact the side.

4x3 superheavy siege accelerators occupy much of the ships front and aim directly in flight direction. They fire 800mm caliber projectiles of different length and tactical use. To achieve the best effect on target, acceleration is modified to the type of ammo and target choosen, but often is way lower than smaller projectiles, so more kinetic energy can be delivered to an aimed material. Ther strategical use goes from direct anti-capital fire to shooting an planets atmpsohere, so the projectiles exlode in a radiation shower, blinding, harming and confusing enemy sensors, shields and engines.

16 heavy turrets in modern configuration hold 2 turrets in A configuration, which are three 580mm long mass accelerator cannons each - every single one can destroy an (not integrity-enhanced) Sandviper-sized target within seconds.
They are designed for most accelerated shots on longes range, but can be reduced in speed to maximise effect on estimated target. 8 turrets are of B configuration, which have three shorter rails on ther mass accelerator weapons and perfectly fit for economic but still devasting close to mid range shots (the shots in space are theoretically of unlimited range, but the tradeoff is speed/hit probability to kinetic effect time in target a.k.a. penetration). The last 4 turrets are C configuration and consist of three more flexible laser weapons. They project pure energy and have unlimited ammunition, but ther main reason is to hit faster moving targets more accurately/minimise time from situation evaluation to bombardment effect.

As next weapon, medium turrets for mid to close range protection allow to follow smaller, more agile targets. These 14 turrets are placed more defensive and consist of two 140mm mass accelerators each.

For close range defense 24 light turrets serve as last line of defense. They come with a quadruple of 10mm high rate of fire accelerators pumping a constand stream of pure kinetic energy into a target or spray an area (regulated by ammo spin) with small artifical pentadiamond spheres. An additional smaller pulse laser allow to stress enemy shields while the main weapon try to exceed ther total capacity. A number of autonomous but connected sensor units are spread over the hull to support the firepower on every range.

70 multistarter for stealth superheavy anti-capital-ship missiles with nuclear, or more modern IRES (infrasound resonance warheads, to scatter massive armor like glass) are covered in the armored hull, while the old armament of secondary assaultmissiles are replaced by attatchment packs on the turrets. Each starter has 6 missiles of 1060 x 6000 mm to be started in pairs and the starter can be rearmed, depending on the battleships mission loudoud.

32 x 42 starters for up to cal. 450 x 3240mm missiles or shorter, stacked swarming missiles are packed into those, and was fired early in combat so the packs can be blown off and free full angle for the turrets.

Armor & Design

The Sandviper is a based on a monohull structure, with (darker grey) inlays of ablative material. The main strukture here is designed to resist structural forces and the inlays are more designed to resists enemy fire. In repairs, the structure part would be cut out, replaced and molecular wielded to be a monostructure again, then the ablative material is filles up in the sink, and surfaced by atomic structuring methods(depending on accsess to time and more specialised machinery/docks etc.). Both materials are a specialised compound of irregular artifical diamond structures, woven with metallic elements as conductor - reaching higher stability than clean diamond without the fragility, and peform excelent to derive energy and kinetic impacts. In addition the material is further harden due to a integrity matrix, increasing the bonding between molecules.

An additional helper is the triangles, which are molten into the ablative armor material and consist of a compressed powder of material that, once expanded, grab statically to the integrity matrix enhanced material and build a improvised crystaline structe which acts as emergency-armor that 're-growth' where the ships skin get damaged. As they weaken the armor a bit where they are, the're only placed strategically where damage is expected, and the section needs to stay vital after the hit.

The bridge didn't apper in the expected size, and seem very outdated to give enemys a easy hit into the ships command center. The windows are only for optical sensors and deliver the well controled, analysed and refreshed light of the visual world deep into the armored bunker of the tactical bridge. This is peformed by 1:1 photon tunneling and allow the well armored bridge to have the same (and better) view than a person directly behind the windows would have.

The whole concept gathers around the vulnerable internals and keep dealing damage till the last moment, and not so much economy or ressource savings.

Each cruiser can hold a noumber of 8 light attack fighters and can start them from two acceleration tubes. These also bases on the rail-acceleration-technology and can bring the fighters real quick on combat speed, even if limited through the combined gravitation-supressors on board of the tiny attack vessels and the capital ship. This smaller interceptors often act as a close range defense layer for the ship. Doctrine after combat is to not return but to land on a free carrier with enough quick haul in capacity (and space after estimated losses). Often this bays are used for additional special weapons like mines, more missiles, super heavy torpedos etc.
Another benefit is the ability to have quite large exit/entrys so repairs, resupply, rescue and and evacuation of personal can be done in shorter times, which again supports the multi-role aspect of the Sandviper. Note that the fron mounted entrances are nessecary for some of this roles, but not that much a structural weakness in attack runs, as the sides are mostly sepparated from the inner hull systems, so a pircing frontal hit would ver unlikely reach a vital system.


The heart is a twin reactor of a spherical dense plasma, often refered as artifical sun. Three dimensional shockwaves can be shaped the way energy output is needed. If a reactor gets damaged enough, the reactors can be droped off the ship, or in more extreme cases ther magentic plasma container is controled opend, so the core can melt through the ship and escape in to the vaccum outside without harming internals. Critical fail of all systems can - even if not likely - extend the plasma and burn the ship from the inside to remain only a burned hull. In combat the outside placed reactor does the most work, so damage from overloud is focused on this one and the main reactor, deeper in the ships armor, can continue the fight without threatening the ship.

The ship is build very much around two massive gravitational spindles that generate artifical gravity as well as enough virtual mass for the jump engine. These are the only propulsion that work within the shielding from normal space enviroment and its restrains. Also the spindles are the best way of virtually increasing the ships mass so (in interaction with the gravitational matrix of space) it can derive speed a.k.a. break. Such manouvers are following a long list of regulations and tactical evaluation, as the artifical gravitational shockwaves are extremly 'loud' and can be detected very far and easy be identified as a artifical source.

In not advised atmospherical operations directed graviational propulsion is the only thing that could keep the Sandviper levitating. Its normal engines would cause massive damage to the regional atmosphere.

For traveling in real space it has a number of massive IPG (Ion-Phonon(-Puls)-Grid) thrustert that generate pairs of particles and antiparticles, organise and anihilate them in a controled explosion, shielded form the ship by the engines construction. This propulsion consumes no fuel and allow the ship to be theroretically operational as long as no major parts wear. So the ship need no close in defense on teh rear radiation cage that protects the engines - or the outside from the engines. Smaller versions of these engines are installed for manouvering at angle points. Acceleration and deceleration of this class is so massive, it is mostly limited by the amount of momentuum absorbers that protect the crew from the 
exponential acceleration, and combat speeds are middled so that avoiding manouvers can be peformed without killing crew and material by the additional forces of inertia.

Coat of Arms

The ring symbol is the coat of arms of the united military of the Ra´an, Sillrag and ther colonys. The 'saw' symbols are the number markings of the division and individual ship(decimal, inward/outward related, a bit like our roman numbers, not the casual numbers used in regular. The're related to the old traditional markings on woodsticks as tribes tradet with others).

Other bright/darkish markings are defining the affiliation to a combat group of the fleet.

Its mine, you´re not allowed to use it in any way, and, and, and, i see - you know the text.
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