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M-Tec Te iden KJ9 taktisches U-Boot

By NikitaTarsov
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This vessel is Te´iden nations biggest submarine, and a important weapon against enemy sea attacks. Cause of its big coast lengh this is a natural weak point in its defense and must be protected well. Even on its huge size, the submarine isen´t build for long range operations in undiscovered areas. Its big waterjets gave it a good speed and maneuverability what is needet to stand against heavy turbulences and to flee from to big sea critters, what can bring every kind of human created vehicle down.
It is armed with six torpedo lunchers in the front for supercavitation torps, usual high explosiv torps or one way drones, and four in the rare. A small turret carrys a autocannon what fires self propelling darts underwater and different variants of ammo against sea and air targets.
Its main weapon against ships and landet enemy forces are its 12 heavy ballistic missiles of different possible warheads or also one way drones. In addition, every missile can be replaced with a 8 shoot air defens missile launcher device, what can be started under water like the ballistic missiles.
Every boat can carry special ops soldiers, even in heavy armor.


Length: 156m
High: 34m
Wide: 31m

More pictures of KJ9:


Diese Fahrezug ist Te´idens größtes U-Boot und eine wichtige Waffe gegen Angriffe von Seeseite aus. Die weite Küstenlinie ist schließlich ein natürlicher Schwachpunkt in der Verteidigung, die flexiblen, aber ebenso gut bewaffneten Schutz bedarf. 
Selbst bei der großen Konstruktion ist Reichweite nicht das Steckenpferd der KJ9. Große Waterjets erlauben eine gute Manövrierfähigkeit trotz der Größe - eine Notwendigkeit gegen schwere und unvorhersehbare Turbulenzen sowie Critter, denen man unter Wasser höchstens entkommen kann, da dies ihr natürlicher Lebensraum ist. 
Die KJ9 besitzt sechs vorwärts gerichtete Torpedowerfer, in der Regel bestückt mit Superkavitations-Torpedos, HE oder Einwegdronen. Weitere vier Werfer zeigen nach hinten. Eine kleine Autokanone feuert selbstangetriebene Projektile mit unterschiedlichen Gefechtsköpfen gegen See-, Untersee- oder Luftziele. 
Die Primärwaffen sind natürlich die 12 schweren, ballistischen Marschflugkörper mit unterschiedlichen Gefechtsköpfen oder Drohnen. Jede dieser Raketen kann gegen einen Mehrfachstarter a 8 Raketen getauscht werden um kleinere Ziele anzugreifen oder sich besser zu verteidigen. Alle diese Waffen können unter Wasser gestartet werden. 
Jeder KJ9 ist darauf ausgelegt Sonderkommandos aufzunehmen, sogar in mechanisierter Rüstung. 


Länge: 156m
Höhe: 34m
Breite: 31m

More pictures of KJ9:

Hier eine kleine Vorstellung von drei der großen Nationen(Written by Andecaya. German only, sry):………
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Scheiße, was für ein abgefahrenes Design, Ich liebe es. Supercool! :la:
NikitaTarsov's avatar
Echt?? Dabei is' das so oldschool und relativ simpel o.O Okay, nehm' ich trotzdem xD
Andecaya's avatar
KA Warum, aber ich mag es einfach.
NikitaTarsov's avatar
Tut mir nich' weh^^
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 already added to Sci-fi Archives…
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While I think that this is a cool design, it will make a ton of noise when moving through the water.  Reasons; railing sticking up from the deck, the gun turret, the scoops on the sides, the antennae, and the shape of the sail.  All these would create drag and noise, affecting both performance and stealth in a negative way.  Also, it is missing some form of rudder.
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Thanx for the design compliment. And i must agree with you for that noise thing, maybe also for the drag problem. 
The long range sub tech isen´t very proved in this scenario, so the nation who build that thing has a great technology level, but not very much experience with submarine design in this size. A important explanation: This is for an RPG in a fictional world without our real world evolution line of tech, some things are higher, others are lower or fully ignored. And the nations are raising from an era of post-apocalypse.
Maybe i can modify the railings to get laid to the boats surface to reduce water resistance. And the Antennas can skiped to lay in one line with the boat, so they wouldn´t swirl the water if not in use. The rest must fall under the explanation that these guys have not a  good idea of under water combat(all other nations in range are of a lower tech level). 
Yeah, i see, it lacks of a perspection where you can see the rudders on each of the waterjet engines. Up and down are through the nose wings and buoyancy regulation, side moves are through the rudders of the engines. Need to rework the perspectives......
Thanx for the critique:)
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added to Sketches and concepts in Sci-fi Archives [link]
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Btw, what exactly is that for an category. Is it between group gallery and fav´s??
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I put some categories as favorites because there is no other way to put a gallery on the right side of the page. the group page looks better in there is something on the right side of the page
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Ah ok, so its an additional honor to come there=D
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Good lord, this thing is ridiculously massive! Sucks to be the poor sap in front of this badboy underwater.
NikitaTarsov's avatar
156m long, 34m high and 31 wide. These are unusual dimensions for sure, but connects in mass with the biggest Typhoon claas subs of our reality. Even the form differs through another way of technology evolution and requirements.
Gimme a hint what you mean with "sap".
The shorder form protects against attacks from critters, and makes the higher resistor a handable problem. Noise and warming water are not a problem, cause in the mind of its constructors, this one is the only (mechanical) predator under the water line;)
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If you're another submarine in the path of this one, your tiny sub is going to be smashed.
NikitaTarsov's avatar
Jupp, unfortunaly the only (known) other sub is of the same nation=P
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Hmm, I wonder if cruise missiles would be a better fit for the VLS bays, given the proportions of the submarine. (Or that patrol hydrofoils, corvettes, and the occasional frigate would be better suited to coastal patrols.)
NikitaTarsov's avatar
Its existing in some kind of post apocalyptic world(and is from one of the most modern nations). There vagrant radiation, toxic and extrem heavy critters make exploring the wide areas of the sea a damn big problem. In addition, every nation what had reached the next, endet up in war with the other in conflicts for ressorces and habitable ground.
Ther is no tech known what gives a wide range, not for airplanes nor for cruise missiles(no information about the target positions in combination with radiation what blurs the computers view make a CM not a good idea. So the tech evolution has gone another way than in our world.
Coastguards are also of surface ships/boats, but they need much repair and can´t run on the heavy storms of such a tortured enviroment. The submarines make the first line of defense for the Te´iden nation on sea, and also the most "long range technology", even not very impressive for our normal terms;)
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In which case it would be really hard to maintain a brown water navy, much less a merchant marine.

Well, they have decent AIP, so that's nothing to sneeze at.
NikitaTarsov's avatar
Like sayed, vagrant radiation, critters and toxic. So all kind of navy is expansive and not very long lasting without daily service.
Other results of radiation are bad or false sensor activity -a quick death for a military boat what is in permanent need for a magnetic field neutralisator and don´t run twice against a underwater rock/massive critter(sea is the best area for oversized monsters).

There are at last ten versions of the term AIP that would make more or less sense - gimme a hint what you mean.
TankaaKumawani's avatar
The radiation levels are probably lower than those around, say, Jupiter, and 1970s-1980s tech was suitable for aerospace-grade scientific sensors that could function reliably for long periods under those conditions. Most of the problematic radionucleides are alpha and beta emitters...and if the levels of those in the environment are great enough to cause problems for such hardened systems, only D. radiodurans and tardigrades (along with the decidedly unusual radiotrophic fungus) are really going to survive. (That, and taking a shotgun to the genomes of large k-selected life is going to wipe them out pretty fast. Something R-selected, such as a toxic algae, would probably flourish.)

Air-Independent Propulsion...probably a diesel/LOX closed-cycle Stirling, since fuel cells rely on pricey components.
NikitaTarsov's avatar
There are some differences to the situation. At first, space conditions are kindergardden between deep sea conditions. Then, the radiation isen´t static, what irritates sensors in a way that can´t be eliminated through specialised equipment or computer programs. Then, a point you had named, is the interaction with the flora/fauna, what also can´t be seen soon enough. Algeas or jellyfishs are just a idea of what interacts with such floating areas very quick and intense.
The toxic and erosive elements in the sea are also a problem, cause it damages even hardent material, specially sensor equipment, antennas and the coating of the boat.
The radiation is there, in relation to our reallity, very high, and the surviving people has a good resistance now. But for material the term "heavy radiation day" has a much more important meaning as we would feel.

Ah ok - so waterjet. Would be a fuel ceel, cause of the Te´iden know-how - even they had also run this thing with a more conventional drive, they are geeks in that area. And costs are no point, if the level of needet ressorces isen´t a problem. In lack of hard ressorces (like simple ore) they build up much tech on smartmaterials and such stuff.

My answear had maybe been better if not this much specific terms was used, my english is more medium than perfect;)
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"MST3k Mantra," huh. "Repeat to yourself that 'it's just a show, I really should relax.' (and stop trying to pick everything apart.)" Still, be careful with handwaving this sort of stuff.
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Did I?
I really interest in a solid backround, even if fictional. I have a lot of this discusions, and wonder most time why someone, who starts the debate, end it up with "i´m right, and i don´t wont to talk anymore".
That´s a little strange i think, even if fitting perfect to normal human behavior...
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