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Kaski class destroyer calm ride over Ba'at ocean



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Part of the original story: Der Fall Der Blauen Sonne(GER only, sry)

Kaski-class destroyer on a calm close ground glide over the shores of Ba'at colony, testing the pure directed gravitational force flight. In case of problems, the Kaski is sturdy enough to survive a watering and can be repaired or evacuated and recovered.

The seemingly peacefull place held some deception, as Ba'at isen't a gentle world but boiling of predatorial lifeforms. Evac teams would drop heavy resonance buoys and rely on sattelite recon and coverage of orbital weapons to prevent attacks of massive sea predators before getting to work. It also is a great chance for Sillrag crews to get some impression of ther narrow-shouldered cousins sturdyness in facing this beautifull but rough world. Ba'at is the second colony of the Ra'an homeworld, and ther descendants developed a significant alteration of the 'usual' behave and response to problems the Sillrag like to make fun about.


The Kaski-class destroyer is a modern approach to its class, and a worthy addition in the Sillrag navy and the whole fleet of the allied races. As a brawler in fleet formation, it supports the fiurepower of formations or crack enemy formations with courageous advances. 

Build after the last data from the failed invasion on enemy space and ground, this class is a way radical design. A massive body structure and huge engines should grant better chances against enemys gravitation-weapons, and in case of this not working, the ship should be solid enough to cut deep into the enemys ship strucure. A jump drive equiped ram, some might say, armored with several layers of ablative armor to increase combat durability.

The ships bodys are armored and weaponised unbalanced - even ther is no up or down in space, there are limits of energy and ammunition, so the Kaski-class will fire from medium to short range with all it has and then tip the body with downside heavy armor to make a hard target, while other ships in formation keep on bombarding the enemy. The plan is to split up enemy prime damage and bring the high survivability of the fleets crew and tech to play.

For sure the class is also a test to trick enemys main and not fully understood weapon systems - the gravitation weapons. Here its smaller virtual mass halps to minimise attack surface.
If all this fail, the ships bodys have another advantage - it can enter atmosphere. For enemys are suspected to not fire at will on ther own atmospheres, ther could be another tactical option to engange and disengage, as well as ther may be some targets on the ground worth to eliminate it.

In the Ra´an academys ther is a flying word about Sillrag commanders thinking of ther capital ships more as some kind of accidently supersized jetfighters, and the Kaski-class reflects all this. Massive acceleration/deceleration and manouverability, made for dogfights and heroic last moves. Even the painting shows this spirit. For Ra´an evaluated that optical camouflage is completley insufficient, the Sillrag turned this into an statement and camouflaged ther capital ships individualy. Every camouflage-style, even if modern, tracks back to the Sillrag tradition of clan-patterns and shemes, while the exact painting within one clan style tell about the most influencial family within the clan, commanding and crewing the ship.

The Kaski-class is 256,5meters long, 86,5m width and 55m high, plus 6m for extendet antennas.

More technical describtion…

Its mine, you´re not allowed to use it in any way. I see - you know the text.

Backround made by: Nattu Adnan free stock on Unsplash
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Ich weiß nicht warum. Aber schon beim Betrachten des Bildes, ohne deine Beschreibung gelesen zu haben, stellte ich mir vor, wie eine Art Liopleurodon aus dem Wasser schnellt und nach dem Schiff schnappt.:D