DA did it again - lousy changes to mess it up

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Let's expalin why i'm so angry about it in the first place.

  1. The changes were unwanted, unasked and unable to switch back by the individual who don't like it. There were completely no need to force it onto users who don't like it.

  2. Instead of changing the things that sucked before - like mobile UI that is a mess on PC or to use for actually group and submitt your stuff and pop-up ID's tha tmakes it inable to read the messages and only sometimes vanish after clicking somehwere else - they add new stuff that completley suck.

  3. As they do it to look employeed somehow, they know it would be hated and therefor not make a big announcment but a anonymous critique-e-mail noone would ever read or see as the piled up mountain of complaint it would be if discussed in the open.

  4. Yeah, it is messy as what it is. I guess you know that as well as i and the 'webdesigners'. I can't react fast and intuitive, and it will reduce my communication with watchers even further. The same time it will rise my frustration. Good job, DA-stuff'lings. What a luck your work will not be checked for harming the overal financial value of the company.

  5. It seems mandatory for political parties, corporations, game designers and now websites too to always do the opposite of what was useful or serve the interest of the users.

Creative bankruptcy at its best display.

... again ...

When you would be cheered for not get up in the morning and just stay in bed. Rly i think many prime-users would pay money for this personal just to not come to work.

But hey, even -7,65% stock market value will be earned i guess.
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these changes aren't meant to update the site or to serve us as users. more than anything else its purpose is to assume control of this site.:shifty: