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Forerunner Font

Forerunner Font from Halo Series

This is the Forerunner Font from Halo video game series.
This font includes all 26 (ENG) symbols from A-Z, upper and lower case, as well as numbers from 0-9.

While the font itself is made by me, the design was originally developed by Bungie Studios, as such I cannot give commercial usage permissions for this font.

Place "ForerunnerFontv2.ttf" into the "Fonts" folder, located in the "Windows" dir.

Previous Versions:
Download Version 1.0

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Becarra's avatar
Absolutely awesomesauce!
itsamehime's avatar
Great work!
Can i ask if you could make an electric futuristic style font commission for me ?
Johnithan-Walters's avatar
Very cool, thank you.
SychoET's avatar
May I use your Forerunner and DeadSpace Unitology Fonts to make icons for people?
I am making a journal and listing the fonts I have, and I will link the fonts that you made (the forerunner and the unitology) on my journal.
If you don't want me to then it's perfectly fine, I will take them off the list
NikitaPolyarush's avatar
As long as it's not used for commercial purposes, like selling your icons to ppl.
SychoET's avatar
please like I would use someone's work and sell it for money.
What kind of person would do that?
Besides art theifs and stuff,
but I am doing for free no points or money at all
NikitaPolyarush's avatar
You asked, I answered =)
SychoET's avatar
hehe yeah, but trust me, I wouldn't sell stuff that I used from somebody to make, I would do requests for free and make things for free. If I want money I can work for it or wait for my allowance...if I want points I can ask my mom to buy me some since I have no credit card nor do I know how to buy points ^^;
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Impressive where did you find out the translations at?
Levymandias's avatar
I'm impressed, good work :)
TheGMan123's avatar
I love that Bungie originally based the Forerunner symbols on a symbol drawn out by a wise man from Africa,the home and origin of Humans.
Leviathantamer's avatar
Actually we have managed to trace the human lineage to about 3 different places... one of them I can't remember. another being in central Asia, and the last one being from Africa.
MechaAshura20's avatar
they look like Unown Pokémon
SkyPirateWolf's avatar
This is amazing, I wish I would've found it sooner!
Sonic-Sora's avatar
could you please do the other Halo Forerunner font? the one that's for the Halo Classified codes. :3


these ones cause I love how they look. :D plz plz plz! <3
NikitaPolyarush's avatar
I guess I can at some point =)
Sonic-Sora's avatar
SkyFlyer111's avatar
WarSphinx's avatar
What is your source for the meaning of each symbol?
Sibylance's avatar
Technically I used your font in this ^^
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