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Winter's eyes

This my original design of Winter for a 4 seasons group.

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Ah winter, frozen water, ice, frost.

The eyes really sell this composition. OC's are a hit or miss, either the view buys what you are selling or there is no sale.

I LOVE this work. The use of minimum blue on the lips, eye shadow, outfit and what I think are circle lenses really "pop" and whisper -winter-.

The makeup and lighting create tone and texture. Makeup doesn't look caked on, the lighting is really easy on the eyes despite being shade of paper white.

The only minor quibble is the jewelry, it seems a tad over done, but I can let it slide.

She looks winter: frozen, cold, timeless. Well done!
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reminds me of Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen


but not as malacious as Narnia's White Witch
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Very pretty!
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Awesome make-up & hair-style, really great pic, well done!^
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Should've sent a poet <3 :O
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You've been featured in my 2012 "White Winter" art collection :) [link]
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The eye makeup is simply beautiful.
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Perfect and brilliant!
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Wow this is fantastic !!!! Super creative and beautiful and well executed :)
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This is gorgeous. I love the make-up and the photo ;).
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Bonjour :3 tout d'abord le cosplay est magnifique *0* en plus une creation originale.. et puis j'aurais aimé savoir comment tu as blanchi ta peau comme ça? :o Car j'ai besoin aussi d'avoir la peau quasi blanche pr un cosplay et je ne trouve pas de moyens.. :/ et aussi te souviens tu ou as tu acheté ta perruque? Elle est vraiment cool :D J'espere que tu me repondras et je te remercie deja >w<
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That's amazing... so beautiful !
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i love the blue punches
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Amazing make-up, hairstyle, all the accessories, it's perfect!
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The colors really pop, the composition is great, and you pick up all this fabulous detail with the costume. This is a much stronger photo then the DD you got. Her eyes are mesmerizing.

You have the tiniest bit of over-exposure in her hair on the right (only because you ask for critique) which you could probably fix in photoshop or something. Otherwise, great stuff.
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Hi! Thanks but I am not the photographer... I am the model. But I will tell it to him ;).
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ohhh lol well yer gorgeous. :)
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Oh, wow, this is gorgeous! Makes me feel inspired to start painting again :heart:
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This is so wonderful!
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love this picture
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