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Super Sailor Venus

An other child dream comes true. Sailor Venus is the most beautiful Sailor Senshi, she is the soldier of love and she is just my favorite.
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Mar 3, 2009, 8:23:33 PM
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Pro: Wow, what a great portray of Sailor Venus! The pose looks mighty yet seductive. Her face is so serene and soft, which fools the eyes because she is more powerful than how she's portrayed. That costume looks wonderfully crafted; it looks like what the sailor scout suit would look like if they were real. Wonderful professional work there! Nice use of lighting for this too; it works well with the overall picture.

Cons: I think what's the most distracting thing is the trail of stars. Some are following their own random path and with the way they are scattered it degrades the lovely cosplay. I think there might be a little too much white in this picture. You have a little orange going on but it just randomly goes down to white. In my personal opinion, it just doesn't look right.

Suggestions: I think you can make the stars smaller but more of a streak of light. In that streak of light the stars can trail upwards. I think the bottom line of stars could be removed as well because the main focus of this picture is Sailor Venus and not her Love Chain attack (that's the name of it, right? It's been a long time since I've watched Sailor Moon). If you really want to keep the white, then maybe add a orange border around the piece. Give white significance, such as the glow on her finger tip surrounded by white and then it branches off into orange. Or maybe get rid of the white entirely and substitute it with a yellowish light and branch off into an orange. You know, to bring out importance with the color orange.

Final thoughts: This is a lovely piece and with a great cosplay. You can do more with this piece, but that's up to you. Keep up the good work.
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She's my favorite, too. :D
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Goddess on the mountain topCD 
Burning like a silver flameCD 
The summit of beauty and loveCD 
And Venus was her nameCD 

She's got itCD 
Yeah, baby, she's got itCD 
I'm your Venus, I'm your fireCD 
At your desireCD 
Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fireCD 
At your desireCD 

sorry i just remembered this song after reading "Venus"

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The effects and the background take attention away from you, but your outfit is pretty!
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Vous êtes très belle *______*
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Looking very magical
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only bad part of this pose is we can't see the hair bow. Also this is Sailor Venus from the Stars series obvious from the choker and the chest bow.
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Wow wonderful!!!! Love it!
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The outfit is perfect
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Absolutely stunning! Best Venus I've ever seen! I love the light and photoshop effects too ^^
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simply beautiful
you do venus more then justice!
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Awesome! I love photos showing off the Senshi's power :)
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Sympa la pose, pas évident l'air de rien. ^^
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Bad photoshop(
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Ooooooooh. Very nice. Always good to see more love for Venus. :D Great job. You look fantastic.
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This whole concept just adds to the stunning cosplay- wonderful work, I love the material you used for the bow.
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wow, that is fab :) and I love the effects/digital finish
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omg. I LIKE ALL. <3
great job
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très sympa comme effet ^^
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