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Here is my Rapunzel Costume. I really LOOOOVE this movie and Rapunzel is sooo cuuute! I was lucky to have a Flynn and a Mother Gothel with me. More pictures soon! Pascal By Creativarium
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OMG love this picture

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Great headshot! It's fantastic. The lighting and clearness of the photo is beautiful.
Now for the costume:
I LOVE your makeup and coloured contacts. It really looks like Rapunzel's eyes, and your face is so clear and young and innocent, you could be the real Rapunzel.
From even a simple headshot, it looks like the dress is well-made and the wig is definately styled well.
Unlike a stuff animal which is usually used, your Pasquel looks like a 3D model.
I honestly have nothing bad to say about this gorgeous cosplay; It's probably the best live-action version I've seen of Rapunzel. Well done! Can't wait to see more.
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Honey Lemon: Mom...I heard you are originally Persian...

Rapunzel: What you heard is the sense that I have family in Persia.

Honey Lemon: You do?

Rapunzel: As you know, just like you, I was adopted. My adoptive father, the King of Corona, had a niece....Jasmine. She was the princess of Agrabah, a kingdom in Persia. And just like me, she went on to many adventures, fighting the forces of evil and discovering new kingdoms. In the end, she settled down and married her beloved, Aladdin.

Honey Lemon: What happened to them?

Rapunzel: Agrabah still stands on this day, on the place that is now known as Iran. Much like Corona and Arendelle, it's a democracy now. And that's all I know about it.
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Wow...I love your cos...especially the hair looks great:) (Smile) 
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My Rapunzel o@ Wow v@ fantastic o
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one word: PERFECT!
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Perfect! ARE Rapunzel!
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Thanks that I could use your photograph for exercising in Photoshop!
Rapunzel by SecretDarTiste

Hope you like it :blush:
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Where did you get your Rapunzel dress from, if you don't mind me asking? 
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This is a great cosplay! Well done
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You make a beautiful Rapunzel! This is very cute, nice job.
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This is so perfect!!
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 you look liek a real life Repunzel.... but i do have to say.... if you are wearign contact they arent the right green..... still you hit teh nail pretty much on the head with the rest of it so good for you ^w^
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How did you get such a thick wig? i have a very thin second hand synthetic wig that is long, but as I said thin. What do you suggest. Do you know any wigs inbetween $0-$15 that would be good?
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Hi! The reason why mine is thick it's because it is expensive (I've spent about 130$ to make mine with a basic wig about 90$ and lots of more hair for the braid) I hope I could help!
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You're really cute in this cosplay.
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