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Asuka Plugsuit

A very hard costume to make and to wear but the character and tha animes are so good! I had to make it.
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i love it wish i could get one
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I agree with all the positive comments below, you look great.  Particularly like the detail around your eyes.  Its a slightly kinky look all round, but you pull it of with grace and dignity beautifully.
salyssong's avatar
How does it feel wearing it?
moyashisoba's avatar
you look so beautiful and your costume is just perfect゚.+:。(*´ェ`*)゚.+:。
jollylemming53's avatar
You should do a few pics where you cut the suit and tear yourself out of it
LenMomono's avatar
i like her a lot
suprem0's avatar
Looks quite snug and cozy. Bet it was freezing though.
dannysulca's avatar
mg, excelente, preciosa!
slave2moonlight's avatar
So amazing! You choose all the best characters!
JuanAdagio's avatar
You´re the real Asuka ♥
Haruhii-chaan's avatar
It's wonderful <3
I like the photo and your pose <3
And the Cosplay is great <3
Oliren74's avatar
:wow: fantastic work!
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