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Me as Asuka. A very hard costume to make and to wear but the character and the animes are so good! I had to make it. Sikay Cosplay as Rei

Thanks to Omaru and Florian Fromentin for the photo. Thanks to Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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135 mm
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Dec 1, 2012, 12:40:27 PM
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It was worth the effort.

Eres una diosa
Rinhorse18's avatar
wow youre amazing and beautiful
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This is way too cool :clap: awesome cosplay! You look just like her (^__^)/
kiuman's avatar
Wow!  Another beautiful cosplayer with an equally beautiful costume!
myuri's avatar
Your Asuka is spot on!! I love your cosplay :D
SacroTex's avatar
wow.. kawaiii! 
Rokainai12's avatar
Great Asuka cosplay. ^_^
Rocking-Raccoon's avatar
nice asuka cosplay, you have the look down.
Traumkratzer's avatar
C'est super, t'as vraiment fait le mieux de Asuka, et même Rei, tous les deux vous avez mis tous le talent dans les costumes, ça on voit!
Vraiment très bien fait, et aussi le photo à été pris bien. Compliments au photographe aussi.
Fantastic, but I think your best work as Asuka is the photo of you looking out the window from the side with Rei in the foreground.
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You fit perfectly *u*
It's never easy to bring the characters on the screen to real life but you've done an amazing job. Kudos to your constructions on the plug suit, the way you did your hair even the expression on your face just screams  I'm Asuka! Asuka Langley Soryu! Charmed, huh?. But wait it gets better you have Rei as well and a photographer that knows how to make a fantastic photo that reminds you so much of the show the theme song is now stuck in my head. 
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It's like Asuka just walked out of her universe and into ours. Wow!
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Doesn't wearing this suit feel a little revealing? After all your boobs are hanging out the front!
Akumeno's avatar
those lovable eyes!
KeybladeKnight99's avatar
Wow! That's one of the best Evangellion cosplays I've ever seen. Well don!!!
Eqbal's avatar
Great cosplay.
zuo2012's avatar
You are Perfect cosplayer......This Character is very popular.....
IdiotEngine's avatar
Amazing, so legitimate.
What's it made of? looks like pleather over Lycra or spandex?
JormungandrsDaughter's avatar
Totally awesome, I wanted to do bubblegum crisis, but thought it would be too hard but you made me change my mind
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