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I bet you've never seen one of these before. It's original and it's mine. It's a bowl made of corrugated cardboard. You obviously can't use it to put soup in unless you enjoy eating soup from the table rather than the bowl. But it's pretty, and allows air to circulate not only from the top but from the holes in the sides too. :)

Inspired by Taoism.
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Beautiful. I thought at first glance it was the amphitheater in Barcelona. :D
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Not practical, but beautiful.
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Very great use of such a basic material. The edges are so razor sharp. Nice job!
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thanks! lotta effort went into the round razor sharp edges
jupp.. i like it! :thumbsup:
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I agree with the others about the mini stadium......
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I love it... it's so cute and delicate-looking. :)
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Great sculpture and photo!
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that is amazing- so beautiful!
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Ooo.. Kinda weird to say that something made of plain cardboard is cool, but.. wow, it is! :D
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hey now. plain cardboard? it's SUPER CARDBOARD! :-D
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Ultra-Mega Cardboard to the Third Power.
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yeah, it looks as a stadium.. pretty cool!
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it is really beautiful :) :+fav:
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Awesome! It looks more like a stadium to me, though. :P But it is pretty.
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wowwwww suddenly I want to throw you a big heavy ... KISS!
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