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Monkey Business

By Niking
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Monkey Girl : you're not my type, so stfu

Monkey Boy : !!!

12Tails Online Fanart

official site [link]
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The monkey girl looks just like my super hero form!!! XD
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Maybe they should stop monkeing around before they go bananas!
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this is a real great image! I like it a lot!
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dude. referred from zombie smile. Totally glad I came here. Your style kicks aaaaaaassssss!
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That monkey girl is such a cutie:>
You know, I've always wondered why you never see more primate furries. I mean, nobody thinks anything of drawing a cat or a fox or rabbit with double d's & a bikini(at least not on the internet), but you see artists do it with like Chimps or Gorillas. It's always been really weird to me since we share over 90% of our DNA with monkeys & apes, & there our descendants, so I always thought it would better to sexualize them than it would be to sexualize a Lioness or even a Wolf. Ah well, awesome picture all the same!
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And that day super villian was born.
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ahahahah is funny XD
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สงสารลิง 55 รูปน่ารักมากครับ
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Awesomesauce on a stick!
The Girl is just....kawaii.
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haha, this is funny
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ควรสงสารหรือขำดีอ่ะ??? (ฮา)
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เสร็จหมา- -+
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ฮะๆ สงสารลิงจัง แต่ไม่ต้องห่วงหมาป่ามีเจ้าของตั้งนาน~แล้ว
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ฟ้าผ่าลงกลางใจกันเลยทีเดียว =w=
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สงสารลิงจัง =w=a
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555 สงสารลิงจริงๆ
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กร๊ากกกกก อย่างโดน XD
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5555 ฮาสีหน้าลิงน้อยมากค่ะ
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