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July 10, 2012
Learn how to build your own Light Box with Figure Shoot Tutorial by =nikicorny
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Figure Shoot Tutorial

Hey everyone, this is my first tutorial ever LOL :lol:

Figure 101!:[link]
Tutorial #2: [link]
Tutorial #3: [link]
Extra: [link]
Retouching Photo: [link]

I hope you find this useful! :D If you have any questions, feedback, or critics, just comment here :love:

Tutorial request: note me anytime!

Some photos with the lightbox:

Check out my gallery for more figure photography! [link]

10/07/2012: OMG a DD ;w; thank you so much Karinchiii! :love:
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It's straightforward, self-explanatory, helpful, and it makes sense.
Very good for new photographers, ball-jointed doll artists, doll artists, sculptures, basically any 3D art.

Taking photos of 3D art isn't always easy, you need a well-lit neutral background. There are many alternatives, but they're mostly either too complicated, too deer, or are too makeshift to work.

I make sculptures from time to time and I was wondering how I should take proper photos, I know this is going to be really helpful. I know I'll use this.

It'll be interesting to see what you and others come up with.

Keep posting!
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How to bring the greatest studio to the kitchen table? Take a paper box and some cheap paper from a shop, scissors, glue and any light. Voilà!

Makin a hard light soft and a background plain without edges has never been easier.

The only thing that might be bothering is that some objects will not stand on the soft surface, but there are also easy methods to prevent a figure from falling over.

All in all the tutorial is easy to understand, even for people who don't speak English propperly / at all or don't have any experience in advanced photography.
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This deviation was very informative and helpful. The instructions are very clear, each picture taken showed what needed to be done and how to do it, and overall it was very useful. I like how you made it so something as simple as a cardboard box with some translucent paper could make a fantastic background with phenomenal lighting. The final products were magnificent as well. I hope that any aspiring doll photographers look to this tutorial if they wish to know where to get started, for it's also quite easy to follow! Overall, great job on this deviation, and I know that I myself will most definetely use it in the future.
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You made it so any one can get profesional like results with useing things most people have around their homes. I give you props for this and almost everyone can do it. It makes me want to even by figures just so I can do this. With having the translucent paper was a good idea and that most people don't come up with it or have a diffrent way of diffuseing the light. But one thing that you don't say is how big the box should be and how big the holes should be. These two things are the only negatives I see. Besides that you did a great job!
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If there was a like button, I would press it.
BTW, cool tip bro!
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Thanks so much for the tutorial. I made so bad photos but you can see how cool are my wedding figures photos. 

I think I will try with coloured papers too. 
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Umm is translucent paper the same as baking paper??? Cause I have no idea where to get translucent paper
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translucent paper is tracing paper, you can buy in stationery stores :)
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you have no idea how helpful this tutorial is, oh god :heart:
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Very useful! Thanks a lot ^^
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glad it could help :D
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Could tracing paper work? Or is there a super-specific type/brand? Great tutorial by the way, I was wondering how to get lighting right when taking pictures! :iconmahfeelzplz: Thanks!
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tracing paper will work just fine ^^
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Thanks so much for this. I haven't had chance to think of what I'd use it FOR exactly, but I'm sure it'll be handy soon. :meow:
I'm surprised it was this simple too! :D
nikicorny's avatar
No problem, glad it could help :D
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I think I may use it even sooner than I thought as well. Again, thanks for the help! :D
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This was really helpful, although in a different way.
You see, I have a light tent but I always placed the light sources 'inside' and not outside and since I have some larger ones I've been wondering how to place them without getting too much bright light at the scene.
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I see :D
Glad it could help ^^
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Yup. :nod:
I also have to thank you about the one about creating bokeh for background.
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Super cool !!Thanks a lot for sharing !! :D
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