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DEF CON 22 Forum Meet ~ B/W



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Totalitarian Dictatorships, Thought Crimes, Total Information Dominance, Massive Surveillance State, They See You, They are Always Watching... Resist, Rebel, Get Reprogrammed, Come join the underground at the DEF CON forum meet. 
PS. We're all out of Bubblegum.

WHO: The revolution welcomes all. 
WHAT: A chance to meet forum members, new people, party, dance, play a game or two, and have a ball in the ball pit! 
WHEN: DEF CON 22, Friday Night 22:00.
WHERE: Amazon MLK. Will be clearly marked, check the program for a map. 
WHY: Free Swag! Games! Ball Pit! Music, with lyrics, that you can dance to! (no techno/skillrex/wubwubwubs) 
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