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'Ex Glande Quercus'

Completed - My latest project is a blend of drolleries selected out of about 50 folios from the Macclesfield Psalter. The Macclesfield Psalter is a lavishly illuminated manuscript from East Anglia, written in Latin and produced around 1330.

*12"x12" ( 30 x 30 cm)
*Egg tempera on gessoed canvas board
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When I first saw this piece, I thought that it was an extant piece, and so I put it on my "to stitch list." Would it be possible to getnpermission to stitch this? I do understand if the answer is "no."


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Wonderful work! Get thee to a monastery!
What talent!! beautiful!!
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Fantastic! Medieval drolleries are honestly some of the oddest and most amusing things ever! :D
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This is awesome.
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Какая замечательная идея и исполнение!
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Just amazing. The characters in this are so interesting, and the amount of detail is exquisite!
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Ahhh the Macclesfield Psalter. I have no idea what drugs the scribe was on, BUT I WANT IT!
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I love the vivid colors, and the fact that you used period materials.
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It looks beautiful, you're very talented!
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I'm assuming the labyrinth like design is intentional?  Regardless, very well done detail.
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OH!!!  Love  the Grylles and all the maanuscript :D
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This is seriously one of my favorite things ever. <3
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Thank you Merwenna!
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Magnificent! Kudos :)
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Thank you a lot!
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I absolutely *love* the Macclesfield Psalter, I've got a copy of it myself, and I could just stare, study and admire it for weeks on end :)

Beautiful work! :)
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Fantastic work with every detail!
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