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My exams are almost over. So I took time for another rainmeter skin.

Presenting Dark , a very flat skin for rainmeter.

Features Calendar (with today information variant)
, weather, Notes, System stats, battery widget, Hard drive information, Google search, user tile, Clock, Music player with all major music players (including Spotify) and a easy to use settings skin to configure according to your needs.
To toggle to Spotify player, middle click on music player skin. And vise versa for toggling to default player.
Right click on any skin and choose settings to configure skin.

Hope you like it.

I was thinking of releasing this suite in exchange of some points but I changed my mind to make it free. So If you like it or any other skins of mine please leave a feedback and kindly donate some points if you can .

Favs and llamas are welcome.
Take care.

Changelog : 

v1.0 Initial Release

v2.0 Quick Update :    27.05.2018
    Added option to remove Title Bar Colors
    Added 4 More Search Engines
    Fixed the width of System Info Skin
    Various Bug Fixes
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preciosos pero como los hago más pequeños?? AYUDAAA

Very Nice Clock Style

how do you get rid of a widget?

How do you change the profile picture in the user tile

just got to your skins folder

Rainmeter\Skins\Dark\@Resources\Images and edit the image or replace it with a png image of same size and you are done .

I've made an edited version that is compatible with WebNowPlaying, if anyone wants it just ask i guess. Bit glitchy, but still should work in switching from WebNowPlaying to local music players.

Edit: Yes, it needs to be repacked, as it's two different pieces of edited code that I don't want to put extra hassle copying/pasting.

download rainmeter, download this and copy the files to rainmeter and then go onto rainmeter app and load it in :)



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Thanks for sharing!

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Can i control the size of the banners? Also where are the network and GPU plug ins?

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"This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020"

hello, i've realy like the design, but there is a bug or anything, when i search in the bar, only the first word is sent to the browser, thank u

Very nice, I have been using for about a year and it works perfectly, including with small adjustments to colors. If you have the time, maybe you can add a hd, four in total, and a network. Otherwise, to summarize in a word, perfectly. And thank you.
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I've been using this skin for a while now and I have some feedback.
The way I use it is that I have the search bar, notes, weather, system info, and disc drives placed in three areas. The rest aren't really applicable to me.

So here goes:
- The notes skin is great and looks great, but it cannot do lines and I have several times wanted to do lists on it, but the skin simply deletes them after trying to finish the writing.
Furthermore I believe that the font size of the text in the notes skin could be a good bit smaller, and the non-writable area could as well, as the space is very limited. I will be attempting to make the font modification myself, but seeing it in a future release would be great.

- The menu for the skin seems to have disappeared after the 2.0 update, which complicates me changing the weather skin area code.

- I personally think that the skin simply has too many colours, which is subjective and will vary, but it leads me to think that giving users more colour options would be great. I personally had adjusted the colour most things and just lost that customisation as I updated to 2.0. The menu you had previously could have a few colour options, for instance, or you could have a few different releases with different colours.

I personally customise it to only use the pink from the weather skin, and a shade of blue/purple that discord uses.

I also have two questions.
a - How do I input the area code when I cannot open the menu?
b - The third drive is displayed as G: when I want it to use my E: drive. How do I do this?

This skin is one of my favourites, especially with the simple and  dark design. I really love it which is why it's been the skin I have spent the most time modifying to my specific usecase, so thank you very much for your hard work, keep at it, and I hope my feedback was of use.
how do I install it?
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Download and Install Rainmeter then download and install the skin. Simple as that.
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Excellent work! 
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Thank You Bruh. Appreciate it.

beautiful! Thank you for making this
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Glad you like it. Wink/Razz 
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Can you add support for more discs, please?

BTW Your skin is very good! Good job! :)
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Sure ! Thanks for the feedback.
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Yes. Support for more skins will surely be added in the next update. Stay tuned. Oh and thank you very much brother.
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