10 Ways to Annoy Rosalie Hale

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10 Ways to Annoy Rosalie Hale

10. Tell her that, because everyone thinks she and Jasper are twins, they should get together. When she asks why, say that Incest is in at the moment.

9. Call her “Ice Queen” behind her back and to her face.

8. Whenever she argues anything, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”

7. Claim that being a human ain’t so great.

6. When she argues the above claim, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”

5. Try to exorcise her and her evil ways.

4. Tell everyone that Edward didn’t go to Italy because Rosalie said Bella was dead – he went to Italy because he envisioned Rosalie’s ugly face.

3. Call her “Hoe-salie” at least once, to her face.

2. Remind her that Edward chose a pathetic human girl over her.

And the Number One way to annoy Rosalie Hale?

1. Steal her silver cell phone and change the ringtone to “Roxanne” by The Police. When she asks why the hell you did it, say that she reminds you of Roxanne.
Rosalie is my least-liked Cullen. Because she is mean.

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There are easier ways to die lol

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HAHAHAHAH! I liked it! I love Rosalie. And I like to write about "Rossward" in fanfics :V 
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I actually like Rose because I think she was very misunderstood and as the series went by I like Alice less and loved Rose more but anyway you need to add "Buy a book of blond jokes and tell them to her everyday" because that was one of my favorite parts in Breaking dawn when Jake always told her blonde jokes to annoy her also you could have put "Ask her if the house smells like dog because of Jacob"
ArtemistheMoonGodess's avatar
Eh, there should have been one about throwing food at her and one about making blonde jokes
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I didnt think there was a way out this really intrigued me I am headed right for the top no pressure just check it out
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i think that some harry potter ones would be funny too.
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Lol, these texts are very funny. Good job!
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I'm a clumsy brunette, so where's my vampire?

[ ]single
[ ]taken
[x]mentally dating edward cullen
Rocky-da-kitteh's avatar
4 and 3-I wish she was alive just so I could say those to her.
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whenever i read the books from now on i will call her hoe-salie
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Heh yup Roxanne
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number 4 is sooo awesome! love it
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that made my day!
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'whatever bimbo' HA!!!!!! THATS SO GREAT! i loved all of these, especially the 10 ways to annoy Carlisle and this one. the one for esme was a little mean seeing as she is one of my favorite characters, but i get why your over twilight. i'm a fan and i'm getting a little annoyed too lol
EmmettWrestledABear's avatar
Nahhhh, ya gotta help Jake make up more blonde jokes!
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Oh *drops down from the ceiling* You mean like the time She lock Her keys in a convertible, She got all peeved because it was going to rain and the top was down? 
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I love Rose but this is jest funny!
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4 is the best evar! <D
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