10 Ways to Annoy Charlie Swan

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10 Ways to Annoy Charlie Swan

10. Tell him Bella’s pregnant – but you’re having trouble figuring out who the father is… Bella’s unsure whether it’s Edward, Carlisle, Jacob or Mike.

9. Ask him what Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo means in the phonetic alphabet.  

8. Decorate his handcuffs with pink lace and flowers the call the station requesting to speak with Chief Swan Princess.

7. Whenever he is around, narrate all that is happening into the invisible walkie-talkie that’s strapped to your shoulder, speaking only in cop talk.

6. Take his gun and use it in a bank holdup – it will have his fingerprints all over it. When he is being questioned about it, sing Bad Boys by Inner Circle and I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley in the background.

5. Take his cop car and start a high speed car chase with it.

4. Send him a tape of Edward sneaking into Bella’s room at night, and Bella hitting on Edward.

3. File a report at the station against Edward Cullen – be sure to state in the report that Edward is over a century old, making his relationship with Bella Swan paedophilia.

2. Plant weed on Edward the next time he visits the Swan residence – then when he is being locked up, tell Charlie a strip search may be necessary.

And the Number One way to annoy Charlie Swan?

1. Replace his ammo with silver bullets then tell him that Jacob raped Bella. When Charlie goes to “have a talk” with Jacob, make sure he has his gun with him.
~PaleSymphany gave me this idea. Many thanks to her XD

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10 is way to funny XD
CassieCat7's avatar
10 and 2 XDDDDDD
ArtemistheMoonGodess's avatar
1 and 2 are a bit extreme, but still funny
Shinigami--Apples's avatar
Maybe #1 is a bit extreme...
But the rest: :icontrollfaceplz:
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I almost died laughing at number 1!
Slendergurl's avatar
I almost died laughing at number 10!
knk2910's avatar
they were all absolutely hilarious :D
bella-katniss-2555's avatar
1, 4, and 10= me falling off of my chair i laughed so hard!

I'm a clumsy brunette, so where's my vampire?

[ ]single
[ ]taken
[x]mentally dating edward cullen
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bella-katniss-2555's avatar
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All the fangirls... I facepalm. It's what I do. :)
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bella-katniss-2555's avatar
awkward moment when someone says yup and ur just like what do i say next?
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Rocky-da-kitteh's avatar
10, 8, 7, and 6-lol.
chickiebianca's avatar
10 and 8 are my faves, but, 1? Really?
YouAreLateForTea's avatar
10, 8 and 6 are so awesome!
lovemypunkin7's avatar
omg that was funny i love it especially the foxtrot uniform charlie kilo it was great
RaimiFilmProductions's avatar
:( Why would you want to upset Charlie! :O
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Love #9! Hilarious! :D
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