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Some context: today at school (and also monday as well) some threats were found against my school. It was for tomorrow, the 26th, and ive been such a mess. Everyone who goes to school with me and everyone who doesnt, please read thism its my message to you. Everyone is so important and this is irrelevent to a lot of people because maybe one of my watchers goes to my school, but regardless just everyone stay safe and i love you guys. Thank you all so much just for even veiwing the stuff i do even if you dont favorite it, just thank you for being here. Everyone is so important and i want everyone to know that. Alright. Thank you guys again.
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Happy holidays everyone! To those who celebrate Christmas (like i do), merry Christmas. I know hanukah has already passed, but happy hanukah to all of you (even though it is late). And i know there are a lot of other holidays being celebrated at this time of year, so just overall happy holidays. I hope everyone has had a good year!
So basically I had to make Quinn of off my fears and put it in them somehow. So let’s start listing them (:  

So first of all Quinn is a ghost. If not a ghost then at least supernatural or paranormal. Because honestly that sorta stuff scares me beyond belief. Let me put this is perspective: until this week, I refused to go in the locker room alone (there’s only three girls in my gym class) because I thought somethin paranormal and ghosty would kill me in there and then I’d just be stuck there yknow. And I also refused to go up the stairs. I was (and tbh still kinda am) convinced that this thing is haunted but I can’t do much about it. I just gotta live with Mirtle (that’s what I named the locker room ghost).
Second, I am afraid of the dark. I’m still figuring out how to make Quinn dark, but I don’t really know how to without giving them really dark skin. I might make it so they only show up in the dark and disappear in the light (actually though that’s a good idea and I need to remember that). Because I am terrified of the dark and refuse to go into dark areas (another reason I don’t like the locker room, half the time the section my locker used to be in was dark).
I tried to make Quinn look like they always were disheveled by wind and/or storms. Because fun fact! about me, I hate storms and high winds. It’s been a thing for almost half of my life now and it’s.. lovely -.- but I wanted to incorporate that somehow into Quinn, and I’m still working on figuring that out as well.
I tried to make Quinn look as human as possible. I wouldn’t say I have a fear of speaking in front of crowds, but I really hate it. I tried to make Quinn this way because humans can be decieving and cruel. Even though Quinn has elf/pointy ears and is transparent a little, they look very human. As I come up with more stuff I will create more journals and anyway I’ll try and keep everything updated (:
Ayyyye guys I’m excited on Monday we are starting a project in my ELA class and we gotta create monsters based on our fears and then draw them (I’m way ahead lol) and we gotta write a story with it and I’m reaaaaaally excited bc I love drawing and I love writing so it’s my two favorite things in one and I just !!!! I’ll give updates of said creature with descriptions and the story if anyone wants to see it :) :)
I’m just making a little bit of an update. So this month with goretober/Monstober/inktober I’ve been really behind. The past few days I’ve been busy and/or lazy and haven’t been keeping up with the prompts everyday. The last one I did was for the 4th, which I have yet to upload. Sorry that I’m so behind, I am trying to work on all of the prompts in order as I go. Thanks guys!