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Flann McAffee by NikaGhost Flann McAffee by NikaGhost
Made with DeviantArt muro Okay so just have a "quick" drawin for one of my oc's. Later I'll make a few more and will make a referance sheet. I'll put her info below for anyone who is interested. I might also make referance sheets for all of my oc's.
I also want to say that even though I'm not on here I am working on pieces so I will be updating more often (maybe).

Name: Flann McAfee

Nickname: Flannán

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 103

Birthday: October 31, 2001

Species: Vampire

Hair color: Bright green faded into yellow

Eye color: Left eye: dark around edges, bright green that fades as it gets closer to the pupil, sclera is white

Right eye: All yellow (pupil is yellow as well as iris), sclera is white

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Extremely fast, can withstand the sun unlike most vampires

Weapon(s): N/A

Birth town: Dublin, Ireland

Previous towns: N/A
Current town: Lansing, Michigan

Personality: Energetic, optimistic, athletic, cheery

Strengths: Extremely fast and agile, looks human

Weaknesses: Has a bad memory, and often forgets important things (ex; her name, where she lives, her family, etc.)

Family: Alannah McAfee (mother)

Partner: N/A

Friends/relationships: Okami Asa (friend), Nika Ghost (friend), Kuria Chimo (friend), Yoru Daku (friend), Frenan  (friend, crush)

Likes: Sports, videogames, her friends, rain, climbing trees, equality

Dislikes: Slayers, bullies, dark magicks

Fears: Slayers, death

Sayings: N/A

Extra: Speaks old Gaelic and is trying to learn Swedish. Her hair is naturally curly/wavy (she usually straightens it), and cut short. Has freckles.

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January 8, 2017
January 8, 2017
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