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Hey Y'all~

Happy two-days-after-valentines-because-you-should-all-be-sober-by-now-right? I have a quandary for all you rpers out there~~

What do you think is the most EFFICIENT method to role play? I did a similar poll on this recently, but now I wanna know in more detail...or something |D

I've used DA all my life as an rper, and I love being able to use notes, chatrooms and comments etc... 

But stuff gets LOST so easy!! :iconotlplz: And it's so easy to check a note, promise you'll reply soon, and then forget they exist (which yeah, is probably a problem with my rodent-brain but shhhh). So I'm wondering if anyone has found a better method? I'd like to try google docs but I dun know how well they'd work |D

If you have any ideas/insight plz let me know!! :iconmioforgivemeniplz:

<33 you all, have a rockin' February!
Hey all!!

So I finally decided I want to try a premium membership, and it looks like there's a promotion to give them as a gift and get one yourself?! And since I am a horrible person and can't make decisions to save my life know so many awesome people on here, I figured maybe holding a raffle for my friends and watchers would be a fair way to deal with this lovely problem~

So if you're interested, listen up!!
~ Comment on this journal indicating your interest and I will reply with a number! (this number will be used in an online randomizer to pick the winner)
~ You must be a friend or watcher (I guess this is kinda my appreciation to you guys too!)
~ You have 24 HOURS! because the promotion ends on the 5th! So at 11:30 PM MST the winner will be announced~

Okay, I think that's it, thanks for reading!! Love you all!

Thanks everyone that participated~! Congrats to :iconrosellaz: for your new subscription! I hope we both can figure out what to do with it XD

Happy New Year and thanks for reading!!
Hnn~ this is such a cool idea!! Good chance to character develop~aaaand annoy my poor watchers~


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For this idiot:

:PA: Aurric 'For Halloween I'll be...' by Nika-tan

10 Facts~

1. "I can stop anytime." 

    What started as an infrequent habit to impress his gang mates recently turned into a full out addiction. Aurric gets cranky and fidgety if he hasn't smoked at least a couple cigarettes in the last few hours. Of course, the idiot adamantly denies it.

2. "Yes, they're f&$%ing real!"

    The twelve criss-crossing tattoos that cover this delinquent's body are all real and done in less than hygienic circumstances. The One on the side of his waist got infected and now looks like some strange cartoon character- he vows to kill any that see it.

3. "If she wasn't my little sister, I'd have put the world out of her misery a long time ago."

    Aurric and his little sister have a typical hotter-than-the-fires-of-Hades sibling rivalry. They have polar opposite views, ideas and life perspectives. One says 'yes' the other says 'hell no.' It's a miracle if they last an hour without at some point going at one another's throats. 

4. "So I like to know what I'm killing, I'm not a nerd or whatever."

    A dunce in every other subject, the young man positively excels in Grimmology. He loves reading and hearing stories about the varied Grimm around the planet- their social structures, known colonies, etc... But that would totally trash his image so he intentionally fails those tests too. 

5. "I. Am. Not. SICK!"

    Yes he is. Often. Constantly even. They are little colds: sneezing, coughing etc... But they annoy him to no end, and he'll chew out anyone that brings it up. 

6. "It's two r's, idiot: A-u-r-i-c."

    The true spelling shall forever be a mystery~ //SLAPPED

7. "I know Bad-Eye is a stupid name for a gang. I was twelve, okay?"

    At twelve years old, Aurric didn't exactly understand the concept of 'less is more.' When pressured to join one of the factions fighting over his neighborhood, he picked the biggest, flashiest, and ultimately most idiotic of them all. During his initiation hazing, he had to chant 'Bad eye' as loud as he could for three hours straight. He has a physical reaction to the phrase now...

8. "I'm not a morning person, I just get up early."

    Because obviously admitting to enjoying the morning is capital 'NC'- Not Cool. This also means he goes to bed early if nothing is going on...

9. "You can only have daddy issues if your dad was actually there."

    Unless you're Aurric and you blame your missing father for how you and your sister grew up. He promises to kill the man if ever dares reappear. 

10. "Apparently, I was originally actually supposed to be cool. The &$%# is that supposed to mean!?"

    But that got really boring really fast, so now he's more like an overgrown kid that thinks he's bigger/better/badder than he is |D

COOL! Now that that's done, I can get to the fun part~
Tagging all of WSTA!! *shamelessly stealing MelodicSoul's idea*

If you have time, this is really fun~ plus we can prove what we all know: #1 Team= Wisteria >D //SHOT

When you have semester finals tomorrow you obviously have no choice but to watch 15 episodes straight of Bleach when you should be studying. I've never watched the show before but so far it's really interesting~already an IchigoxRukia fan pls don't judge me

Obviously the SECOND thing to do after procrastinating studying is to draw fanart of the anime you are now obsessing over.

I'm only up to episode 15 so I haven't met THAT many characters, but if anyone has any ideas/requests/head canons that happen in these first episodes, you should tell me so I can draw it!

Thanks peeps~ :iconmioforgivemeniplz:
Whoa, that was quick ;u;b thanks guys! I'll work on 'em asap~

Hey cool kids! :iconhakasenyanniplz:

I hope everyone or just my mother 'cause she's probs the only one to read this...:iconyukkootlniplz: is doing well! 

Like everyone else recently, real life has decided to kick me in the teeth, blow out my knee caps and laugh manically over my beaten bloody body- ie. school midterms. :iconmioabsniplz:

but now they are DONE. Finito! 我做完了!!:iconyukkohappyniplz:

Unfortunately my fickle, bithcy muse has decided I neglected her and is refusing to come home. I've decided this time I will NOT grovel at her feet but instead open Request slots!!

Here they be!

I hope after doing some of these bad boys I'll get back into the flow TT^TT

What I WON'T draw
:skull: Hardcore drugs, sex or rock and roll other adult themes (basically, don't wanna have to put a mature filter on it~:iconsasaharacoolniplz:)
:skull: Backgrounds. Yes. I should practice. But this is for FUN damnit and I ain't takin' their shit!
:skull: And...uh...nope, okay, I guess that's it...

First come first serve, thanks guys~!! :iconbrohugplz:

Have some obnoxiously cute puppy: Much appreciation. Wow.

I AM HERE. I SWEAR. Due to circumstances my own incredible idiocy my laptop charger found itself in another city about 4 hours by train away TT^TT.

But TODAY I finally got the courage to speak some Chinese and buy a new one! Now my laptop is functional and I can finally get on DA!! *insert epic gif of epicness here that I've forgotten because I've been gone so long*

Replying to messages slowly..., thank you for all your kind words as always!
:PARPG: Briar Rose Welcome Banner by Nika-tan

.: Vision :.

We work to promote strong, confident and beautiful Pokemon

    One dreary April evening, Belladonna Clearwaters founded Briar Rose Breeding Center on little more than her father's inheritance and a half formed dream. For now the center is quite small, but she dreams of a large, exclusive breeding center that creates only the best canine and vulpine Pokemon.

.: Breeding :.

Briar Rose stands by its commitment to excellence by comprehensively training all its Pokemon

    Training is taken very seriously at the center. All breedable Pokemon at Briar Rose are guaranteed to:
:bademoticon: Achieve level 20 or higher
:bademoticon: Be physically canine or vulpine
:bademoticon: Know at least three attacks beyond starter moves

.: Active Pokemon for Breeding :.

These top tier Pokemon have worked to be suitable for breeding, and are open for request any time

:bademoticon: Pokemon at least level 20, and with three or more attacks are invited to request a clutch with any of the below Pokemon, by comment below or note.

PARPG Dare the Growlithe Reference by Nika-tan

none :(

.: Pokemon for Sale:.

Canine or Vulpine Pokemon's prices are listed on their reference sheet. All other Pokemon may be bought for 25 :points: or art/literature worth 4 experience points.

:bademoticon: Canine
    ~None :(
:bademoticon: Vulpine
~None :(
:bademoticon: Other
    ~Hain the Larvitar||Male||Level 3||Potential 1||Appeal 0
    ~Unnamed Petilil||Female||Level 0||Potential 1||Appeal 0
    ~Unnamed Starly||Female||Level 0||Potential 1||Appeal 0

.: Affiliated Ranches :.

Fellow breeding centers that have proven to be managed fairly and highly recommended. Please take a look!

:bademoticon: :icondaze-ranch: by :iconvirtuallithy:
    A wide variety of well trained and adorable Pokemon!
:bademoticon: Frosted Pond Branch by :iconpkmranch:
    Specializing in Equine and Avian Pokemon~

.: Other Pokemon :.

Various other Pokemon that may be working to become breeding eligible, retired or on hold

:bademoticon: Training
:PARPG: Kinata the Eevee by Nika-tan

~Unnamed Zorua-Female-100 Potential
~Unnamed Jolteon-Female- 38 Potential
~Unnamed Absol-Female- 83 Potential

.: Items :.

Single Use

:bademoticon: Hybrid Potion

Unlimited Use

:bademoticon: Safari Trainer License
:bademoticon: Safari Kart
:bademoticon: Safari Tracker


~None for now :(

Briar Rose Icon by Nika-tan

...but DA works where I am!!

I don't know if it will ALWAYS work well or if it'll be fussy, but at the very least I can do notes/messages and, of course, upload art!!

sorry to make such a big deal out of nothing ahaha...ha...haha...:iconotlplz:

In effect, please ignore the last journal <3

Hello All~

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

I will be heading abroad to China for a year quite soon and I'm very excited!!
Unfortunately, I don't know how well DeviantArt will work over there so~
So if I'm gone awhile, I apologize and will see you all in twelve months!

Stay Awesome!!

Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]