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:StP: Ace Dustman Application
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Published: July 6, 2015
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Probably should stop applying to groups and go through messages, but this one LOOKED SO COOL *throws things around excitedly*
So Imma blame them for the creation of this idiot |D here's for hoping he gets in! >//<"

Feel free to comment with RPs on this app or send me a note if interested! He won't bite...probably!

Dustman, Ace

Peregrine Falcon||16||Male||6'2"||170 lbs

[B]asic [I]nfo

Date of Birth: 04/02
Year: 2
Class: TBA
Dorm Room: TBA
Club: Track


Impulsive||Excessive||Zealous||Ambitious||Outgoing||Obsessive||Stupid Brave
A true adrenalin junky, Ace will do anything for the thrill. He is an avid fan of extreme sports, including anything that involves jumping from high places (sky diving, cliff jumping, etc...). A very active young birb, he easily goes over board, tries too hard, and makes things much more complicated than they need to be. Ace loves making friends and dragging them off on his harebrained schemes. He doesn't exactly try to be a trouble maker but, well, a birb's gotta do what a birb's gotta do...


~Running shoes
~"the chase" //SHOT
~Extreme sports
~Horror movies


~Taller birbs (envious)
~Sitting still for any amount of time
~Being polite


Born the brother of six older sisters, Ace is used to spending most of his days avoiding becoming one of their punching bags, or worse, one of their "projects." His parents were very loving, but had a strange way of showing it. They often took the family out for sky diving, cliff jumping, hang gliding, etc... They'd encourage risky behavior and value courage over intelligence. Born and raised in an upper-class neighborhood in Northern California, Ace has traveled a lot throughout his childhood, visiting his huge extended family around the world. Despite his hatred for the classroom, when this young birb heard about St. Pigeonation's he became fired up to improve his test scores and beat the entrance exam as a transfer student. 


heh TT^TT maybe some day...


        ~Will do ANYTHING for meat (eats any kind in human form)
        ~Treats his sneakers as his children and is very protective
        ~Secret romantic (mates-for-life)
        ~Likes to run full speed in the halls (gets banged up a lot)
        ~Obsesses over his grand-plans to introduce extreme sports to the school
        ~The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest member of the animal kingdom (can reach speeds up to 242 mi/h or 389 km/h)
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Awwwyishhhh qwq i love him already, just for the fact of pelgrim falcon qwq can i keep him? Qwq
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Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
ugg, yeah, I would love a peregrine falcon too, they're supposedly really popular, smart falconry birds *swoons*
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Then Lets addopt one together*^* i have a piece of chewinggum and a
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Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
meatbirbsew XD
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flyingmeat... delicous
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cluelooserStudent General Artist

birb goals
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Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
XD all the birb goals~//shot
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