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:OW OCT: Round 1 (Cal vs. Yasmine) Part 5
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By Nika-tan   |   Watch
Published: July 15, 2015
© 2015 - 2019 Nika-tan
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My thought process:
Before sketching: "Oh wow, this character's design is so cool!"
After colors: "...I think I left out half of it...OTL"

Sorry Cal!!

Character Credits!
Otherworlde: Cal A. Vera (Year 3) by AnimeNeko123 :OW: Yasmine Repeat Year 2 App by Nika-tan

Writing Portion! (This part really REALLY needs it- it gets confusing with all the souls flyin' around...And the fact I can't pick a consistant font to save my life...heh...)
Word count: 1,141
(Yasmine's POV)

To my astonishment, the demon lawyer- er I guess, I should call him 'me' now?- sat up, shifted to all fours and finally found his-er-my-feet. But when he-yeah, I'll stick with 'he' pronouns for now- raised his head, it was not the demon lawyer looking back at me. It wasn't anything even remotely similar. Not a creature, not a soul...

A curse.

It smiled at me with my mouth, stretching it so wide it couldn't be comfortable. Slowly it started to wobble forward, the smile frozen on my face like a garish tattoo. Then it's opened my mouth. 

"Something tastes funnny~ like crushed bones in honey~" It said in a sing-song. For a moment I was hit with such vertigo I nearly toppled over. Never before had I actually seen what I looked like when the curse took over. I'd only ever experienced it locked in my own head, unable to control my body or my thoughts. Like something else was inside with me, twisting every will and whim into horrible, gruesome, impossible shapes. But worse than that was the knowledge that the longer it controlled my mind, the harder it would be to ever escape. Insanity is a siren's call that draws in the weak willed and unbalanced. 

I doubted the demon lawyer was either of those things, and so he had to be horrified by what he'd found in my head. Part of me felt deeply ashamed that he'd be able to see such a personal flaw at so close a range. I flinched. It had to be hell in there. 

"What did you do to my opponent!?" I screeched at the thing slowly making it's way towards me. It's frozen smile tilted upward as it licked my lips appreciatively. 

"Mr. Gristle, Mr. Bone, Mr. Sad, Mr. Alone," it babbled gleefully. As if no happier words had ever been uttered. They made no sense to me, but perhaps they did to the poor soul trapped in my body. I knew he would hear everything. One of the worse parts of the curse is there is no relief in amnesia. You can see and feel everything. 

It lifted a finger and stabbed into my temple: hard. "He's trapped, trapped, trapped!" It giggled. Well at least someone was having a good time...

Suddenly the wobble disappeared and it started to jerk my limbs in what vaguely resembled dancing. I wanted to curl up and die. Thousands of students would be seeing this!! It made me look like a total idiot! Er...more of an idiot than usual at least. I wanted to strangle it- him-me... but unlike the curse, I had no familiarity with this body. 

The limbs didn't move how I wanted them to, and I felt as if I could barely keep my balance. Most of the residual pain from the soul switch had disappeared, thank heavens, but I just couldn't get this body to work right. It became increasingly more of an issue as it drew near. 

"Mr. Boney, such a phony~" It began screeching. I don't have that bad of a singing voice, do I!? The melody sounded like something from a macabre nursery tune.

I was still reeling at the horrible off-key-ness when the curse suddenly exploded forward. "...tried to run awaaaay~!!" That ear-bleeding wailing can't even rightly be called singing. It whipped towards me so quickly, I doubted I'd have been able to avoid it even in my own body. As it was, all I could do was watch as it's fist flew into my face. 

...then stopped a half inch away.

"Got impatient, couldn't take it," it continued, mere inches from my face. Had my body always been that short? And my hair wasn't normally such a truck-stop orange, right?? A small voice in my head reminded me that the curse had taken over my body, and I was stuck in the demon lawyer, but seriously- how often does a girl get to see herself from the outside. Mirrors can capture only so much.

Unfortunately my short lapse into shallow, vein waters cost me in awareness. I didn't notice the curse switch moment and slam it's foot into my chest. I went flying backwards, then landed in the sand with a crash. Suddenly it didn't feel so soft. Fear stricken, I snapped my head up. 

"You can't do this!" If it came out as whine, I think I can be forgiven considering the circumstances, "This isn't my body!" How could I return it all broken up. Sure, the guy was my opponent, but this didn't even feel like a battle any more!

The curse bent over me gently, it's circus smile still plastered onto what had once been my face. 

"Handsome, strong, proud and classy," it fairly cooed at me, stroking my-er- the demon lawyer's- neck. I couldn't seem to move an inch. Pain and fear and something close to inertia kept me rooted to the spot. 

"Don't worry, Mr. Bone, your death will be nice and flashy~," it whispered. The fingers tightened around my neck. Finally, the body moved how I wanted it to. I clawed at the curse's hands trying desperately to stop the slow constriction of what passed for a wind-pipe in this body. The curse hardly seemed to notice. 

Then suddenly, it froze. Cocked it's head. Then threw me carelessly away like a used gum wrapper. It crumpled to the ground, clutching it's temples and wailing. 

"SHUT UP SHUT up sHuT UP ShUT UpshutupshutUPshut SHUT shutshupshut up ShUt UP!"

I couldn't believe it. The demon lawyer. Was he actually trying to fight it?! The curse!? But that was impossible! Nothing I had ever tried while under its influence ever made a lick of difference! 

The curse jerked to it's feet and threw itself at me, grabbing up my collar and hauling me half a foot in the air. Quite the feat, considering this body towered over my own one. I couldn't tell by it's deranged expression whether or not the demon lawyer's efforts were working. 

"MR BONEY SAD AND LONELY I'LL KILL YOU BY MYSELF!" The curse howled. I hardly realized what had happened when pain erupted under my chin and I was suddenly watching the huge cerulean blue sky whiz by overhead. I landed back into the sand with another smash. Definitely not soft any more. Would it have killed the academy to make the pit out of pillows? Or even better a foam pit!?

Again the curse froze and started staggering around. It began mumbling too, which wasn't that unusual. Until some of it's sentences started making sense. I could scarcely breath as hope sprung in my chest.

It couldn't be- this wasn't the kind of curse that could be fought off with sheer will power. But don't tell me, the demon lawyer actually...
...was going to try it?!

street creds~//slapped:
Cal is AnimeNeko123's~
I don't think anyone else showed up in this one |D
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