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:OW OCT: Round 1 (Cal vs. Yasmine) Part 1

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Published: July 14, 2015
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...and so it begins~ //submitting everything last minute because I forgot to do the written bit |D

Character Credits!
:OW: Yasmine Repeat Year 2 App by Nika-tan [OW] Felamir Year 3 by Wasthatyourcake24 Otherworlde: Melusine, Year 3 by KeplerNova OW: Kit X - 2nd Year by glorypaintGR

Since I'm 95% sure this comic doesn't make any sense, I'll also submit a written portion for each part as well (and get the exp~ //SLAPPED)- feel free to read if you want, but the comic should hopefully express the ideas too OTL:
Word count: 1,136
(Yasmine's POV)

    Summer term. What I would have once called the best term. The birds are singing, the plants are growing, and I don't freeze my butt off for daring to go outside in anything less than a full ski suit. For once I'm not constantly convinced this entire damn school is out to destroy my soul. Good times.

                And I'd had oh so many ideas how to spend these delicious days. I'd been worried I'd have to replace my sparkling pink planner, I couldn't fit them all in. I'd waste mornings with Dia on Moonseed lane, teaching her the way of the shoe and not-so-secretly stealing all her fashion tips. I'd get lunch with Ly and Yun at one of the cafeterias were the food did not try to eat your face first. The afternoons would be a blur of lazing around, watching movies, reading magazines. And every night I could be warm and safe in Sitka's arms.

                It would have been everything a summer vacation should be. It would have been PERFECT.

                But the Universe had other plans, the jerk. An entire mad scheme of them that all started with a single phone call.

                I almost didn't notice the buzzing in my purse, lying where I'd thrown it carelessly on the end table. I looked up from the floor where I'd been mercilessly tormenting the puppies with a half-chewed sock.

                "Is that mine?" I asked, finally giving in and letting the puppy's three separate heads rip the fabric to pieces. They'd been in a destruction phase lately.

                Sitka shifted lazily from his position on the bed and reached over to the pink and purple leopard print Tiffany bag. I'd saved up for two years to buy the thing, back in high school.

                "Can you even imagine my ringtone being from the Spice Girls?" He asked with a grin, handing over the bag. I went red.

                "What's wrong with my girls?" Maybe the band was a bit out dated, but vintage was totally in.

                Wrestling my pink phone from the purse's possessive jaws, I flipped it open without glancing at the number.

                "Good afternoon, this is Yasmine," I told it brightly.

                "Ms. Hayes? This is Doctor Chevalier."

                No. I felt the blood rush from my face. No way, what could THEY possibly want?!

                Sitka looked up and noticed my expression. His instantly shifted to concern. "Yasmine?" Sometimes I wish he could be a little less observant, like every other guy I've ever dated.

                I shook my head mutely, clenching the phone hard to keep him from seeing my hand shake.

                "Just uh- the doctor, give me a sec," I told him with over bright cheer, then fled the room.

                The hallway of the Grave Dormitory was just as dark and foreboding as the rest of the building. Pictures framed by what looked like grave stones showed portraits of past exemplary students and administrators. Sometimes the portraits traded places. I tried not to look at them.

                "Ms. Hayes?" The hated voice fairly slithered from the cheap plastic of my flip phone. Okay, maybe not, but it sent chills down my back none the less.

                "I'm- I'm here. What- er- do you all...have a task for me already?" I hated the stutter in my voice, but hated my choices of the past term even more. Why had I ever agreed to work for these people!? What could possibly have possessed me?! Sure, I was desperate, but making a blanket vow to do anything they asked of me... It had been a brilliant stroke of stupidity.

                But what I would get in exchange...

                "Ms. Hayes, we've made several attempts to contact you," Dr. Chevalier's voice sounded warm, friendly even. I suppressed the urge to drop the phone and run screaming. Barely.

                "Yes, I- er, I've been busy," I replied lamely. Silence on the other end.

                "Ms. Hayes, if we cannot reliably reach you, there will be...consequences." If I gripped the phone any harder, it'd be a miracle if it didn't get crushed to dust in my hand.

               I had been avoiding their calls. Most people from my school hardly know what a cell phone is, never mind uses one, so it wasn't difficult to figure out which numbers were not from my friends.

                "I understand, it- it won't happen again," I whispered, moving away from Sitka's room. It wouldn't be like him to eavesdrop, but I didn't know about his neighbors.

                " and I have come to realize we require certain...verification...of your commitment to our organization," Dr. Chevalier went on. I focused on slowly releasing the death grip of my fingers. No break-y the phone. Right.

                "I'm committed! Very, very committed, I swear," I said too loudly and too fast. Modulating my voice, I tried again. "I haven't told anyone, and I've already done everything you asked..."

                "Except answer our phone calls," The doctor's voice was dry. I blinked back tears. No way would I lose in this creepy hallway! He went on, "Ms. Hayes, we believe you will do great things for our organization. But you must be 100% committed to our goals."

                It felt like the space around me had started to shrink, squeezing my body and threatening to crush it. I struggled to breath.

                "It has come to our attention that your blasphemous institution will be hosting a fighting competition."

                Everything came into crystal clear focus.

                "You want me to join the tournament," I breathed into the phone. It felt as if the universe had paused, and held its breath.


                The universe got up and kicked me in the teeth. Did I mention she's a jerk?

                Everything jumped started again, but about twenty times too fast. My heart tripped into double time, slamming into my chest and bringing me to my knees. I had the incongruous image of a frightened rodent trying to bolt out of my rib cage.

                "Do you understand, Ms. Hayes?" Dr. Chevalier went on, "If you wish the cure that you seek, we will need proof you are worthy. Enter this tournament...

...and do NOT disappoint."

                The line went dead.

                I'm not sure how long I stood in the middle of that hallway. It felt like my phone had been glued to my ear and someone had poured concrete into my limbs.

                Eventually a soft hand on my shoulder jolted me out of the strange stasis.

                "Yasmine?" Sitka's voice opened the damn. I spun around and buried my face into his chest. Immediately he wrapped his arms around me and for a moment I felt so safe and protected that my tears came harder.

                But it wouldn't last. He couldn't protect me from this...

                I would participate in the tournament. There was no choice. Because I would find the cure to my curse.

                I would not lose my humanity. It was simply not an option. 
Cameo! (just one this time OTL)
Sitka: Rapunzelle

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MMISSKIRSTENHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn your art is always so faaab~!

Heh, Felamir. A dangerous creature X'D
I s'pose he kind of is----
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
//clings forever thank you!! 

Haha, yeah, if he weren't such a sweety <3 (When he grows up he'll become more monstrous though, right? Or am I confused |D )
MMISSKIRSTENHobbyist Digital Artist
//huggles you're welcome ;v;/

Yep, he's not done growing and changing yet, soon enough he'll look larger and more intimidating ^-^
But he'll still be a sweetie dfghjkl
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
Oo then that will be fun to see~ //staycuteforever!!
glory-a's avatar
glory-aHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, I've read it all :la:
There was the drama, the suffering, the awesomeness, Yasmine's cuteness...
And the art is so good! :la: These comic came out perfectly! :D
the whole thing is fucking cool! 8D
How could you make so many detailed panels? ;u; You did such a great job!
lmao Kit's figure looks so cool XD Though defining him a dangerous creature...maybe in the future XD
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
you are too kind!!! aaaa, but you actually read it?! XD then double thank yous haha! It was hours of blood sweat and tears base shading honestly OTL I should have spent way longer on making the art actually good quality but I love coloring too much OTL
haha, the funny thing is pretty much all three of the examples she picked don't get labeled as dangerous yet, but Yas knows the future man~//shot
glory-a's avatar
glory-aHobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome!!! I had to read it, so I knew what happened to Yasmine ^^
man, how long did it take? They are a lot of panels e.e and don't worry, the quality is good enough, it makes the whole thing more original ^^
tell me the truth, she's secretly a fortuneteller XD who knows, maybe he will become a bloodthirsty dragon boy XD so scary |D
Ra-Punzelle's avatar
Ra-PunzelleHobbyist Traditional Artist

Second of all, you failed at tagging me at the end X'D

Now, onto business. The beginning of your comic ismindblowing, especially when you read it on phone like me and your view is limited - bright blue sky turns into hell, genius XD Also, considering FELAMIR dangerous was such beautiful Yasminess I had to bury my face in my pillow to not wake parents up.
Mixing comic and writing was a stroke of brilliance. Especially since it contains SO much Yaska eUe Now excuse me while I reread the fluff for the fifth time.
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!! ...and...SORRY! Ack, I thought I just automatically tagged you in everything OTL, it shall be fixed!

aw man, thank you so much!! I'm so glad haha, I've always loved vertical comics! I read 'em on my phone too and it's so cool how 'time' passes in them- It's fun playing with transitions I'masupernerd

ho ho ho, There shall always be Yaska if I have anything to say about it//shot But seriously, I thought this would be a cool place to play with their relationship, I hope it wasn't too OOC for him OTL
Ra-Punzelle's avatar
Ra-PunzelleHobbyist Traditional Artist

Are you KIDDING me, you got him perfectly OTL Reading Yaska written by you is a pure pleasure.
KeplerNova's avatar
KeplerNovaHobbyist Photographer
I am laughing really hard at the fact that she considers Melusine and Felamir to be exceptionally dangerous students. XD 
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
pfft, right? I thought they looked pretty intimidating as shadows though so it was fun to add them |D thanks for letting me steal your girl!
KeplerNova's avatar
KeplerNovaHobbyist Photographer
You're quite welcome! 

Though in Yasmine's defense, Melusine eats live fish, has a mom who's a necromancer who's so powerful she could probably curb-stomp Helmy, and has really sharp teeth. Her native language also sounds kind of creepy but I doubt Yasmine has ever heard it. Melusine thinks English is super cool. 
Pippery's avatar
DUUUDE! Homg this is amazing!!
I just love how you set the scene!! poor yasmine tho
Your comics never cease to amaze mee~~
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
//clings// thank you!! ugg, the plot is seriously cliche but it was good comic-ing practice haha |D
Pippery's avatar
//grabs// no problemooo!! And I thought it was super interesting!! Especially like how it was like some actual development for Yasmine~
BlackDawnGaming's avatar
OHMYGAWD this looks freaking amazing o0o i'm mighty impressed qwq its so beautiful qwq
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
haaa thank you!! I actually cringe looking at it now haha |D I forgot quality is really hard to maintain in comics OTL

but hopefully I can improve haha
BlackDawnGaming's avatar
Pffttt it really is amazing, i couldn't do it any better myself ^^ i can't because i suck//slapped

I'm sure you Will, however you are already extremely amazing nika ^^
Wheelzzz's avatar
WheelzzzHobbyist Writer

Yas is best girl!
Nika-tan's avatar
Nika-tanHobbyist Digital Artist
pfft, or the most scared haha |D

but thank you!!<3
Wheelzzz's avatar
WheelzzzHobbyist Writer
She seems to be a little spooped. x3

You're welcome!
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