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Windows 9 Pro Preview

I would be very grateful if one or the other could give a feedback. If you like my concept, share it ;) Thanks in advance :)

Niklas Lv

You can see another Windows 9 concept here:…
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theres no such thing as windows 9. WHY WONT YOU GET IT?

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How did you know the wallpaper on the new windows was going to look like a year before? Or you just updated it?
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woooow *0*
good job .. I like it =)
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exactly what windows 8 should have been. the black stroke on the windows kills it tho. would be better off with white or a lighter shade of blue
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that would be some top theme for 8.1 great style mate
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this is not real isn't it?
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No, it isn’t real. It’s only a concept ;)
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Seriously, ya don't need boxes around close/maximise/minimise or around the top bar, because Windows should be about minimalism. 
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I like the boxes...
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Now that there is a minimize button i have to say i love the concept! I wonder what you would call a window that is not maximized or minimized... maybe middlemized lol. If you have WindowBlinds,SkinStudio, and IconPackager you could probably bring the theme to life.
WindowBlinds (Skin Studio Included) <… >
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Hello there, this is a really nice concept :) I'm working on my own Windows 9 concept that is very different than this but I still love this one a lot :)

Some feedback:
Personally I think everything should be slightly bigger as Microsoft is trying to make a hybrid OS for both touchscreens and mouse & keyboard. It seems that you did the opposite and made the border around the Windows even smaller than they currently are in Windows 8 which makes it really hard to use with touch.

I'm also a bit confused why there is no minimize button? :P

But overall I love it, I like what you did with the taskbar, adding search directly in the taskbar and being able to run multiple desktops and switch between them right from the taskbar as well :)

I'm looking forward for your next update (if you're gonna make one). I would love to see your version a Start Screen or Menu :) Keep it up!
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Thank you for your detailed feedback :) There was no minimize button, because I forgot it ;D Yep, you’re right. I did the opposite and made the GUI smaller again. My idea is that there would be the option on the login screen and also in the start menu or charms bar, if the user wants to use the mouse or touch interface. The user should be allowed to change the GUI with one click/tap anytime. I like Microsoft’s idea of the hybrid OS, but I think it would be better to have 2 separate interfaces and not only one. In my opinion there are too many compromises by merging two different control concepts. Actually, it may not be so difficult to develop two different interfaces with the same functionality… Further higher memory consumption on the disk shouldn’t be a major problem.
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How do you minimize the windows with no minimize button?

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There was no option to minimize the windows in the earlier version, because I forgot the other buttons. Therefore I revised the version ;) Thank you for pointing that out :)
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Very feature oriented concept. Nicely done.
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You updated this. It looks even better.
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The concept is great but the aero lite window style actually ruins it :(
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Ooh, you updated it! Why is that? :P
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Sweet concept. I will shit myself if Microsoft does a similar design to this XD
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yep, really nice taskbar^^ ... at least I'll create an Orb exactly as tis one ;-)

Some Feedback:
* the buttonframes (min-max-close) are too thick/dark, they should match the divider between titlebar and buttonbar.
* the 'close' button is too dark red. it could also have no border at all (and be just a little bigger)
* the 'forward/backward' buttons are too strong, not matching anything else in the explorer window; and an 'up' (one folder up) button is missing.

Maybe some small native shadow for windows would be nice, as "link6155" already said before (simple alpha PNGs instead of complex rendering) - this one is for Microsoft
A much nicer Explorer.exe icon is 'Metro Vanilla v.3' here:…
The 'search' aside the startbutton should do or open What?
The description 'Programs' on the taskbar would only be usefull, if there are other categories to choose from, like 'weblinks', 'documents' and 'places'.

! the idea of combining the address- and search-bar in Explorer is EXCELLENT ! (Firefox had this already 500 years ago^^ - shame on Microsoft!)
! the idea of an included desktop-switcher is also EXCELLENT, and your design is really noble! (most of the other parallel-desktop-apps have a thumbnail of the desktop, or a cutout of the active window, or blocky numbers ... all ugly!!!)
! finally the are folder-tabs like QTTab!! and to integrate them like this is super! Also a 'New Tab' button (starting in a configurable location) is a cool idea!
! the idea of popovers on drives and folders is very good - but where to place them? Your 'Drive Tools' tab is a little lost: somehow wrong place and all alone! Maybe a full-width popover with more categories... and not so dark

And what would the startmenu look like? The 'Pokki' startmenu for Win 8 looks super and has a lot of features (…. (but I uninstalledit after 5 minutes because it has minimum 4! active processes running and requires minimum 100MB RAM^^).

An interseting idea would be to work on the clock and trayicons... maybe a field appearing on hover, displaying time, calendar, pc-status, poweroptions and of course the icons. Maybe as transparent as the taskbar, or just just a sleek opaque box with a minimal frame.

ehmmm.... the clock is ugly^^  looks to blocky and industrial, maybe matching the titlebars but not the noble taskbar.

So, this is it.
Greetings, Chris
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