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Vlad Drakov



I'm planning to run ravenloft eventually.
Set in 751 and took out most of the elements that I find too cliche. If you read the material and you have knowledge of real world medieval culture. Vlad Drakov is just your run of the mill Lord. People were much crueler in history...and there is the fact that he is redundant with Baron Strahd, both characters inspired by Vlad Teppes (Sp?).

Inspired by history, one of the best classic examples of gothic horror and tragedy is Ivan the Terrible. Thats who i'm basing vlad drakov on. Horror has a very week effect in a game, if you do not give it the a generous amount of tragedy.

Visuals wise, I'm using Bersker as inspiration for the dark mood and material players should try reading up on to get the feel of the game. (and to expect that much violence).
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I am lucky to be run one right now and I'd be interested in knowing what you tweeked and how you exactly re-imagined Vlad Drakov.