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RWBY - Tribute to Monty Oum

Rest peacefully, Monty. Thank you for all you've created and given to artists and gamers worldwide. Your spirit will live on in our hearts and in all the artwork you've inspired, and will continue to inspire for years to come.

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I just realized that the birds and the sun form Monty's signature. Rip Monty.
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Stellar work. I wish I could have met him in person, but alas, I will only know him through one of his greatest gifts to this world. May RWBY live on, and May he rest peacefully knowing he inspired millions.
Club-Dreamiverse's avatar
How sad....yet this art is a amazing tribute to Monty. Without him, RWBY wouldn't even exist.
Thetrumark's avatar
Gods the feels!!!!!
Lost-One-60's avatar
Beautiful tribute to an awesome creator.

Rest In Peace.

You'll always be in our hearts.
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  When I think of you
Your name's in the sky
    Ninety feet high

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Awww, very lovely tribute. Even if years have gone by, Monty will never be forgotten.
His work will live on
Antimatter-Radius's avatar
Nice tribute :') RIP Monty.
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This is gorgeous, thanks for sharing.  "moving forward never felt as hard as today" Waaaah! 
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the peaceful dayz...
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- Word from me, Sammy G
As a big supporter and fan of RoosterTeeth Monty was a fantastic man whom created RWBY.. I fell in love with V1 through 3 and love V4 so far...

R.I.P Monty...we miss you ever so deeply 😔✌
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I wonder if the volume 3 opening was inspired by this piece or if it was a coincidence.
Vinpap's avatar
The birds and the sun was Monty's signature. So... They both were inspired by it
dsfisher's avatar
I know that, I meant the sun representing the O with actual birds.
Vinpap's avatar
But... That's what I'm saying. His signature was a sun and birds
Hipsterondaroof's avatar
Maybe that's why it was <gs id="b7b87db3-8868-45c9-a10e-efad4f917078" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="13c5f5f0-f095-47f0-a12a-e2b2eb4241a4" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark gr-progress">apart</gs> of the opening?
ChaosPhantasm2000's avatar
I am extremely disheartened and angry that Monty had to be taken from the world far too soon. But we can only move ahead and remember. I hope he's happy wherever he is now, great people are never truly gone, they walk with with those who take the time to remember. This stunning art piece is a beautiful farewell to a young man gone too soon. 
SammyAlleArts's avatar
:) I highly agree chaos

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Today is the day we remember a great man. We miss you so much Monty. Our hearts and prayers go to you and your family. We will carry you in our hearts for the rest of our lives. You're never forgotten my friend.
rainbow-zebra23's avatar
Makes me wanna cry every time I see such a beautiful tribute and read words like this...
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