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Visers. Because eyes are overrated.

Daaaaaym, i should draw with a pencil more often D8 <3

Btw, I'm dedicating any Godot fan art to :iconmiraka:, because I love her, bitches. :heart:

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I would love to see a Godot Drawing made of coffee because it's Godot xD
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Those are his eyes. ._.
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I love it! Fellow Godot fans are so hard to find
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This is really cool =D
I like how you used a coloured pencil rather than a regualer one.
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I'm so jealous O: my godot always looks like... ohh well, urs is AWESOME :3
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So jealous, I can't draw PW characters for some odd reason T-T Pw and Deathnote... it's so weird D:
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That looks positively awesome.
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It looks really cool! :D
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I's a Godot fan! On for the comments: Goodness, this work looks very detailed... so detailed that it could very well make me cry just thinking of how good this pic looks, and his legacy... they're both epic. By the way, the crying part, I was NOT pointing to the ending where Godot's wound bleeds, he says "In my world, the color red doesn't exist" and says he really was crying at the end... no, i'd be crying... because of how my work looks compared to yours! T-T But, thanks for an awesome pic anyways~ Cheers!
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This came out really, really well. I like the color choice, too - I don't know why, but I think it makes him look so refined in sepia. Love the hair. :)
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This is AWESOME!
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This is awesome. Really, really awesome. I can never get the hang of drawing with a mech pencil. -.^

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Godot is the best and thats art too^^
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so wonderfully drawn~~~~ ^-^
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There aren't words for how incredibly awesome that is... oh wait I guess there were :P Anyways, sweet pencil work! Not to mention how extra tasty he looks ;D
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The Orange and Brown Expressions Look Fantastic! The Contrast and Lighting are Really Well Done. Awesome Job!
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that is sooo aweshom. i love godot, and fink ur piccy is fantastic!!!!!!!
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Such a beautifullnes ! ( does this word exist in english ? Sorry, just a belgian student ).

A so beautifull drawning. It's a great work here, fav's of faves x).

I will visit your gallery soon I think.

Godo's fan.
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Thats really awesome! I likes the expression :)
Perfect characterisation:)
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Sorry about the double post. ^^;
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