Stain On My Soul

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Stain on my Soul

It all came from your signature
Your choice to allow it

They came upon me with malice
Tied me down with great cruelty
A punishment undeserved
I am helpless
In great despair
Stabbed in the back

Not just once but several times
You let them throw me in bondage
Threaten to have them do it again
I buried it down to save myself
From the harm you didn’t protect me from

The damage is done
The stain that resides deep in my soul
An open wound that will never mend in this life
No amount of amends can ever suture it

You justify it was “perfectly legal” or “for your own good”
Newsflash legal does not mean moral
Compassion took a back seat
You knew better
You have no excuses
Did you ever consider the price of your poor decision making?

Feelings mixed like a swirling storm inside
Where do we go from here?
What is the right thing to do?
Will you see the light?
Will you then see the stain that is on your own soul?
Now this poem is one of my darkest but is true. In summation when I was little I was tortured by dentists over the course of several years. It was consented to by a family member that will remain unnamed. Because of it among other things I deal with PTSD and when I finally had a breakdown over it in Dec of 2014 I finally spoke of it after 20 years of silence. I was so mad and dealing with so much because of it I did not have anything to do with this person for a year. Currently we are back on speaking terms but it certainly will not erase anything. I have been in psychotherapy since then so I am getting professional help for it. I started a page to bring attention to the issue of unethical dentists so if you would like the page and help me spread the message that would help a lot… lets put a stop to this.
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