Windows custom themes Exploit used by hackers!

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Hey folks. I hope you're all doing well in these unfortunate times. A watcher of mine has brought this to my attention and I felt it urgent to get the message out and across to as many as possible. The news come from a few sources. The following is from an article titled Hackers could use Windows 10 themes to steal passwords.

Malicious theme packs can be used to execute a "pass-the-hash" attack which sends passwords to a remote server. The specially designed themes are easy to create, and the way the credential stealing attack works will fool many people -- but there are protective measures that can be put in place.

If there were ever more reason to not trust sources outside of a site such as DA this would be it. Mine and others artworks here are being stolen and sold through ads or malware or cash. Why do this, well besides the money they can also use it to can access to valuable information.

It's so important to remember when visiting sites outside of DA. These can be very dangerous and have been known to produce shoddy work and entirely brick your system.

There are ways to protect yourself against this but why take this huge risk? Stick with reliable sources that don't steer you away from the site. If it looks shady and your adblocker or antivirus tries to tell you something, please listen.

Here's more info for those interested. Stay tuned and let me know your thoughts.

SOURCES: BETANEWS + bleepingcomputer

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thank you appreciate the work youre doing

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Thank you :)

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thank you for clarification ... much appreciated ...

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It's niivu, or nothing. I just pity the fools trying to use those stolen themes.

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XhezichieHobbyist General Artist

Thank you for the information

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indzloren2304New Deviant

thanks for the heads up x

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Thanks for the info!

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Thanks for the heads-up. Damn those bastards...

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devillnsideHobbyist Interface Designer

it's simple.. check the .theme file thoroughly to see if any of the locations of the associated wallpapers, icons, cursors , sound schemes of the theme are offsite, as in, on any online site & not on you local computer.. if any of them are pointing online then just dump that theme

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Wow! Didn't know password can be stolen that way.

Just sticking with the changing theme is indeed the safest way to get nice looking windows^^

Thanks for the info

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