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  Have your cake and eat it too   A Sweet Suite you might say! :P
Now you can have your cake and eat it too! 

  = (BUILDS 1703-21H1) =
Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes

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Something functional yet customizable.
With full support for those on HiDPI scaling.

Light or Dark themes included.  As well as two caption button styles!
Also there are borderless, bordered or rounded explorer Window versions.

UPDATED - April 3 2021 - Update to dark style task manager, plus includes 2 Stardock curtains themes.

P.S.  The font in the preview is Roboto Condensed.




Windows 10 theme(s)
Icons (7TSP or iPack)
cakeOS colors iPACKS
cakeOS Cursors
Rainmeter by Eldog-02 
CakeOS Suite


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Muito bonito, top

Gracias por su aporte me encantó

How to like old style? Thank you

Cha c tn

Could I kindly have the start orb? I'm seemingly unable to find it :)

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This is amazing! I love it.

Thank you very much for sharing this great theme.

Unfortunately it does't work well with my Excel under dark mode. Perhaps I set conditional formats on it.

Anyway I can use light mode instead, not a big problem. 😉

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Thank you so much for the update.

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Can we get curtains variation for these amazing themes please:clap:

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What it means the alt and NA please?

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NA: No address bar

Alt: alternative. I Think

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where can I found that taskbar theme @niivu ?

edit: I figure it out to change the startmenu but for some reason every time I open a program, the tabs are taking the whole taskbar. how do I fix this?

163025506 193539308902397 2788984533441063238 N
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For the taskbar theme you'll have to use startisback

Why can't I theme my Windows 10 2004? Halp me, I have patched my system already!

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lovelovelove this theme!!

was just wondering how i make the start menu smaller with sib? i tried googling it but didn't find it. thanks!

edit: found it hahaha

Ishida-Is-Here's avatar

So Cool !!!! I liked it too much !

I applied the Cake OS Round Dark theme, but only the color changes.

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