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Here is a very small utility which can hide program icons from program windows and Taskbar buttons in Windows 10.
I often get asked how I achieve the minimal look of no icons in the taskbar.  With this program originally written for AHK from someone by the username Donationcoder
I've made it into an executable file that resides in your system tray for easy access to exit if necessary.

You can add its shortcut to "Startup" folder in All Programs menu to start it automatically with Windows.


Theme in preview is cakeOS

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bueno yum ahhhhh tabk you

Any way to make it work with all apps? (perhaps in combination with some AHK script?) I often get a single app that badly wants to show its icon, like Telegram.

you are the best niivu

virustotal saying its infected

4 engines detected this file



1.06 MB







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Awesome thanks! All false positives but thanks for the concern. This is merely an AHK script turned into and easy to run executable.

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This is beautiful but could this be updated to remove Spotify icon? It's the only one I've noticed that shows up. Thank you!

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No it can't be.

how do i get the tabs?

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it doesnt open in my windows 10 2004. what should i do? :( i cant run it.

It runs fine here. Check the properties of the exe and make sure Windows isn't blocking it.

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I'm afraid the issue actually comes from a hardware problem since my laptop is really old and broken-down. I keep receiving the same error from windows. Personally, I wouldn't think this app really needs hi-tech system tho.

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how do you made nexus icons bigger and added separator

just saying thank you


how i remove the tbariconblanker?

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Is there a reason why it does not work for other DPI? 100% DPI is unfortunately too small for my laptop screen. :(


It's work on 125% DPI. :) Just try it!

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Thanks! It works on my 150% DPI too! :)

why it's not work on windows 10 ver 1809?Need help sir

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