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Sweetness Icon Themes

By niivu
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7TSP GUI 2019 Edition

Installer for Windows 10 1903 or higher.

01-13-2020 - Huge UPDATE!</b>  Includes new color schemes, neutral, pink, original, blue or purple folders.  Fixed some sizes for some icons for crisper cleaner looks.
Redid HDD, DVD, Computer, Desktop and Trash Icons to be clearer on different resolutions.
01-14-2020 - Minor update.  Added PNGS and OSX icons versions.
01-15-2020 - Added support for Quick Access Icon.
Nice and minimal, should go well with most modern themes.
Or get the theme it was intended for...
Sweetness for Windows 10 by niivu  

Special thanks and credits to ZB652 for the initial pink folder icon. :P (Lick)
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