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Placebo X for Windows 10
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By niivu   |   Watch
Published: December 13, 2018
Placebo is back, with a brand new look!  Redesigned from top to bottom.
Two completely new styles based on the original work. 
This is not a strict port of the Win7 theme, rather an extension of it.

 Compatible with = (1703,1709,1803,1809 & 1903) =
I have a frequently asked question! Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes

100 DPI only.
Dark Modes 
Icon iPack for easy icon installation.  Vertex iPack

2018-12-14 Fixed Language Indicator color bug
2019-01-13 Other small fixes
2019-05-23 Update for 1903 Fix

For themes Windows 10 loads default colors from
after every lock/sleep/hibernate/crash. 

Make a backup of that key in regedit, take ownership of it, and then delete that whole key (defualtcolors). 

CREDITS TO SolMiler for the inspiration!
Looking forward to your comments and faves! Huggle!
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How do you make it go dark?

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Fix by Famebloody In 1903, the highlighted panel is not displayed. On the screenshots of the theme it is. Sorry google translate.
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Fixed, redownload. :)
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Thank you! Everything worked as it should. And one more thing, in your gallery in almost all themes this panel does not work on windows 10 (1903). It would be nice to fix the rest.Blush 
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
I usually keep it hidden on purpose.
Famebloody's avatar
Oh. It is clear then. It's a pity. At least for this topic thanks! I use it with Windows 7.
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Just wondering...the Content Pane in all of the Control Panel pages the background is white...even with Pure Kitsch Dark this by design?  If so it's no big deal...

Thanks so very much for all your work on this theme and all of your other projects! I've used this theme since Windows 7 and I'm glad someone as talented as you is keeping it alive & well!!!
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you, I'm trying my best to keep them up.  I hope people will get some usage of them.
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I really am impressed with you not only keeping the classic themes alive as well as highlighting your talent and creativity with all the new things you inspires me to get back to modifying my themes the way I want and learn more tricks of the trade. Keep it going man... really love all your stuff!
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you!  Yeah I wish more would start or get back into it. :peace:

Let me know if you need a hand. :)
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FazbearGamer05Hobbyist General Artist
Damn, this theme looks very beautiful
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Niivu, your themes are getting buttonswapped with my other themes... [titlebar buttons]
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Can you show me a shot?
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Thanks so much for updating this one, my favorite! The Tooltip font is fixed and much better now, but sadly there's another bug: the Wrench/Close buttons are missing in Dark Mode and instead there's white squares.

1809 Dark Mode vs 1809 Light Mode
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Just updated again.  Please let me know if the issue is resolved. :) 
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Sadly the problem is still there :/
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
I'll look into it.  Thanks. :)
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KDr3wHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful theme mate!
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I have this problem when I try to search in StartIsBack++

I also encountered a glitch where the Minimize, Maximize & Close buttons are showing the Arc themed buttons, and not the Placebo X design. I fixed this by scaling to 100% then I scaled back to 150% or to the default scale.

Also the "Color" in Reboot/Restart animation, stays on the default Blue Color of Windows 10 and not the color that I chose in the Settings.

I hope there's plans for Dark Modes in 1803, since I can't choose to upgrade due to limited internet data and the unavailability of the 1809 update itself. I could force upgrade using a program by Microsoft, but limited internet data still stops me. 
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StormFireRealmProfessional Interface Designer
Thanks for the great update, fast question anyway to fix the text on right click menu in firefox? Image posted

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Hmmm I love the first on in dark mode classy and tenebrous (like me :D) Excellent job as always! Clap +fav 
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love this great job :)
Thanks for that. Hey, Just one question: Why the taskbar don't change at all? because mine is still the same. Change all style but not the taskbar. Any idea?
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